Snow Day In Houston 2017

I never want to forget the look on Georgia's face or the sound of her voice saying, "Thank You God, Thank You for sending snow!" And Baby Sister's giggle is so sweet I think we could record it and send to a toy company for their next baby doll.

Katy TX snow

Playing in the snow Houston TX

When David woke me up at 4:30, we turned on the outside Christmas lights and woke Georgia up to see. I was so afraid it would melt by the time she got up at 7! I don't think she really woke up enough to know what was going on, though. She later said she thought the trees were covered with mashed potatoes.

At 6:30 she came running into my room saying, "I don't want to watch TV, I want to play in the snow!" I told her to run upstairs and get her boots on, we bundled Hattie Elizabeth up and played outside for an hour.

There was enough snow on the ground to have a pretty good little mini snow fight and build a tiny snowman. Harriet didn't want much to do with it after she noticed how cold it was, but she sure did have fun laughing at us! When I brought her in to warm up, she stood at the window looking outside, hitting the window yelling "MORE! MORE!"

We had fun making "Yeti footprints" all the way to school. When we got there, I think the entire elementary population was on the playground. It was so fun and festive! All of our friends had been up all morning, too. (Have fun today, kindergarten teachers!)

What an amazing start to our weekend and the holidays!