Ringing in the New Year 2017

I found this post from early 2017 in my unpublished drafts. I’m pretty sure I was waiting to get some pictures from friends before sharing it. Melissa and Todd’s beautiful, just a few years old, house was damaged during Hurricane Harvey flooding just nine months later. I know this holiday season will be rough for so many in our community, since very few have fully moved back into their homes. Good riddance to the struggles that came with so many parts of 2017 - I pray that 2018 is a happier year for us all! {Pictures in this post are of the girls the first week of January 2017.} 

My friend Melissa B. throws the best parties! She had four or five families over to ring in the new year and of course I didn’t take a single picture! Bummer, because I liked my outfit and makeup, ha! I really wanted to get a picture of the food though. Everybody knows the food makes a get together, and Melissa’s spread never disappoints. Bacon wrapped water chestnuts and nice cheese plates are her speciality, and this party’s menu had a really good jalapeno popper dip.

The four- and five- year-old crew had a blast playing on the trampoline with some kind of glowstick balloons. Can you believe it was in the 70’s even late into the evening? Of course we had to leave early because the six month old can’t handle a crowd after 8 pm. Georgia was so bummed! She said, “Why did we have to leave right when the party was getting started?” {Oh my goodness, fast forward 18 years and this is a quote right from your mama, girl!}

We got home, put the kids into bed and settled in to watch a movie. The movie was over right at midnight and as we were heading to bed, Georgia popped out of her room - bright eyed! - to say she hadn’t gone to sleep yet. About then the neighborhood fireworks started. And went on for at least 45 minutes. Georgia just couldn’t comprehend that she had stayed up until it was a new day, new week, new month, and new year!

Thankfully Hattie Elizabeth let us all sleep in and we got to spend a lazy day. David took Georgia out to ride her bike and she conquered a big fear - going down the little hill that leads to the road without begging someone to hold on to her bike. {Now, almost a year later, it is crazy to think back to her ongoing fear of that hill since now she is riding with no training wheels.}

While they were out, Georgia decided to share some of her special Christmas candy that Gagi sent with local nurses and firefighters. (Where does she come up with this? I eat all of mine before I have time to share it.) So she decorated some bags with “Happy Noo Yer” and hopped around town delivering cheer. I can’t think of a better way to start the year!