Friday the Thirteenth, Indeed

I didn't think much about it when I booked our Disney Cruise to leave on Friday, January 13. Next time I will think again before doing anything major on a supposedly superstitious date.

All of this happened before we even got to the port:

  • David broke his foot about thirty minutes before we planned to leave the house; I packed all 12 suitcases and bags into the car in a dress, sandals and makeup. It was like playing an adult, real-life version of Tetris. With a little bit of added stress. This man rarely gets sick or hurt, but when he does, he makes sure to do it in a real big way.
  • On the drive to Galveston, David asked to look at the ring he gave me on Christmas. It's Hattie's diamond and birthstone celebration ring that matches Georgia's. I've worn it fewer than ten times. He noticed that a stone had fallen out.
  • Harriet had a diaper emergency that ruined her cute little nautical themed outfit that I've saved up just for this event. If you are at all into kids' clothing buy-sell-trade, it's worth about $75 with no stains. Woh-woh. Much to my dismay, she wore pink and white footed jammies for our adventure.
  • Our ship boarding was delayed by four or five hours due to heavy fog. We stood in many long lines and boarded over six hours later than our original time. On the upside, the delay allowed us to take David to the emergency room. Which brings me to...
  • The ER doctor asked several times why we are having another baby so soon, since Hattie is so young. He didn't seem to comprehend that I just haven't lost the baby weight. Asshole.
While I would rather not commemorate any of the above with a blog post, I'm hopeful that someday I will be able to look back on this exhausting day and laugh. Or at least roll my eyes.

Despite it not being the trip I had imagined while I was planning it (due to aforementioned injured husband and a baby who decided to only sleep while nursing), we had a really nice time. I'm not sure that cruises are totally my thing, but it was a fun experience. Oceans and beaches are definitely my thing, so it was great to get a little dose of sunshine and sand to get me through until summer!

I have hundreds of photos and videos to sort through, and lots of tips and ideas to add some fun to your cruise - and tons of tips to share on traveling with an infant! As Mickey would say, "See ya real soon!"