How can your heart soar and sink at the same time?

It soars because - she's growing up! It sinks because...she's growing up.

 Today on our way home from school I asked Georgia if she would like to walk to the mailbox all by herself (with me watching from our yard) and mail a letter for me. She asked if I would drop her off at the mailbox instead.

She unbuckled her {big kid} carseat and opened the door with my letter in hand. As she turned around to close the door, her little pigtails bobbed and she said, "It's good Mommy!" as she waved me off. I drove to our house to keep an eye on her.

When she came to the entrance of a cul-de-sac with a break in the sidewalk, she stopped to both ways, just like she always remind me to when we check the mail together. Then she took the sidewalk loop around the long way instead of crossing the street. She is so big, but still so little!

I will never forget how she looked, with her bouncy gait, almost skipping; red and white Minnie Mouse shirt; cute little piggy-tails and a big smile as she happily made her way home. She had no idea I was watching.

I wish I could bottle up these moments.