Weekend Photos: Big Brothers Big Sisters Black Tie Gala, Nutcracker Auditions

Our weekend started out Friday morning at ninety miles an hour and I feel like it never slowed down. And now it's over and I feel like I didn't even get a weekend!

I didn't edit these pictures and I'm not cool with whatever Google Photos decided to do with my eye and neck areas.

Friday morning I packed the girls' bags and took them to stay with my cousin for the evening, about an hour away from our house. After a couple of quick errands on my way back home, I started getting ready for Houston's Big Brothers Big Sisters Black Tie Ball. David's boss had sponsored a table and asked us to join as his guests.

The friend who cuts and colors my hair was out of town so I opted to do my own. It could have turned out horribly, but I scoured YouTube for some tutorials and had this updo in less than ten minutes!

I also got to bring out the eyeshadow, which I rarely wear these days. And since it was a special occasion, I stopped by CVS and picked up some NYX Butter Gloss - oh my gosh love it!! What a cheap treat! And they were BOGO 50% off so now I have double the fun. My dress is by Monique Lhuillier. I found it on Rent the Runway; when I logged in I had an automatic credit since it's my birthday month - another nice surprise!

Can I just say how amazing it is when you have undivided attention to devote to your makeup?
I haven't looked like this in...ohhhh...five years!
I was really excited to see that one of the speakers was the founder of KIPP Schools that you may have read about in Outliers (a phenomenal book, even better than Freakonomics). Due to Outliers following Bronx's KIPP, I had no idea it was founded here in Houston. Or maybe I just missed that part. It was also refreshing to be greeted by a few children who are Littles in the BBBS mentoring program and to hear from successful students what the program meant to them and how it shaped their lives. And I just love a little boy in a tux or a little girl in a fancy dress with a little matching plastic necklace! I had fun bidding on several items via the app they used (fantastic idea, btw!) but I got outbid at the last minute. They also had a Kendra Scott jewelry pull that I was really excited about, but we stopped to talk to some friends and by the time I made it back across the room, it was all sold out.

We would have loved to stay overnight at the hotel where the ball was held, but I didn't want to leave Harriet overnight in case she woke up inconsolable. We ended up getting back to my aunt and uncle's around midnight, and of course I stayed up chatting. When Hattie woke up to eat at 1:30, she and I couldn't get our sleeping back on track. She was restless being in a new place, and I could hear her moving and grunting around. Anytime I was able to doze off, she woke me up. Finally, at 6:30 David woke up and I told him to take her so I could sleep for an hour.

We headed back home early because David had to coach soccer. Georgia skipped her game because she had auditions for a ballet company's production of The Nutcracker! I was so nervous for her - she's been asking when she can be in the Nutcracker ever since she first saw it. Minimum age for extra cast is five and she is finally old enough!

Thankfully she didn't seem to be too nervous, so I wasn't worried about her not doing a great job. A couple of my girlfriends were there with their little ones, so between catching up on chatting and entertaining Hattie, the hour or so of closed auditions went quickly enough for me. I came home and completely crashed for two hours. I couldn't even stay awake to feed Hattie, I had David give her a bottle. I haven't been that exhausted since she was born!

She didn't seem to be nervous, but this smile might be a little telling. :)
We got an email Saturday evening letting us know that Georgia was cast for two parts! When I read it she had a big smile and did a little excited dance and David literally jumped up in the air and "woo-hoo'd". It was so cute! We are so proud of her and how hard she works. I know it wasn't an ideal day for her since she was up late, didn't sleep at home and got up earlier than usual, but I am so happy she was still a trooper. And we made it through the day with no meltdowns!!

David took Georgia out for a celebratory dinner at  Outback (her choice) while I opted to stay home with some Chuy's takeout. I think I was ready for bed at 8.

She's finally ok(ish) with staying in the nursery,
but not ok at all with being in a car seat.
I had to be at church Sunday early to volunteer for AWANA, so I gave Hattie a bath and got ready while David and Georgia had one of their pancake parties. After AWANA we wrangled our Sunday School class of nineteen sweet little hooligans. Whew! I was able to get some housework done and hit the gym for spin. Both girls were asleep by 7:30, so I relaxed with a deep cleansing mask and a good book!