Back to School

The Wednesday after Labor Day Georgia started back to school.

She got right to work and couldn't even stop to tell me goodbye!

I tried to get the requisite photo outside to showcase her outfit (Eleanor Rose), but the landscaping crew arrived just as we were leaving for school, so this is the best I got.

On the other hand, since we're no longer sleeping in, the I won't be sneaking past the back windows to put a robe on over my PJs and hide from the lawn guys on Wednesday mornings.

Here she is with Mrs. Perry. I can tell by her little crooked smile she was a tad nervous being in a new school with mostly new friends.

The other teacher, Mrs. Hildebrand. Both teachers seem very nice and sweet.

So far she seems to really like it. Save for one, she has been blessed with amazing teachers throughout her preschool years. I think she misses Mrs. D'Agnolo from last year, but I have a feeling she will end up falling in love with this year's teachers, too.

The tidbits I get when I ask how her day went are hilarious:
"There was BLOOD on the slide, so me and some guy guarded it while a teacher went to get someone to clean it up."

"I wiped my nose on my shirt two times today. Sorry!"

"I have the importantest job. I'm the calendar girl!"

They studied Joseph in chapel and apparently when they left off he was in jail. When I asked if she thinks he will ever get out, "Well, I got him out of there on that maze I did!" while showing me the maze on her worksheet.

"If you get a red behavior card, that means STOP! We're calling your mommy!"

"Jake got red today. I bet his mommy teached him a lesson."

Here's a photo from Meet the Teacher night.

And look at this chalk picture Georgia drew of herself and Hattie. So sweet! I had to snap a photo in the dark before the sprinklers got to it.