Rambling Friday

I posted this video to Facebook, but I don't think I ever posted here. Toward the end of my pregnancy Georgia discovered Shopkins on YouTube. We made a video when she got her first box. I think it's pretty good considering we did it all in one take! [Her part is good - I could use some practice on my videography and editing.] Anyway, it's cute!

Georgia and I hit the library this week in a real big way. I was spending way too much time on Facebook, Amazon and online shopping because I tend to browse my phone while I feed Hattie Elizabeth. It's funny how reading books instead of the internet makes me feel like I'm not wasting so much time. I've already finished one amazingly funny book and have three more. Georgia checked out a few that turned out to be really good from a parental perspective, so expect reviews soon!

I haven't gotten back into the swing of working out like I wanted to. No excuses, I just haven't made it a priority. The past few days I've been doing some stretching and minor pilates on the Pop Pilates YouTube channel (I thinks he has a book, too...). Check it out if you need a few quick ten minute workouts that won't leave you icky and sweaty. I've been fitting in a couple every day. While I'm not getting a calorie burning cardio or muscle building strength workout, I do just feel better having done something, and my flexibility has improved quite a bit. Georgia likes to do them with me too, since they're so short. Hattie watches us from her swing.

I cut out caffeine while we got my blood pressure issue straightened out. I've finally fully recovered from pregnancy and am off the BP meds, so I hit coffee and tea full throttle again. Hattie E. is a good sleeper, but there are some days when I feel like I just didn't sleep at all - usually when I stay up too late rather than anything baby related. I feel really bad about piling the kids in the car first thing in the morning to hit Starbucks, so this Iced Starbucks from the grocery is fitting the bill.

Happy Friday!! David has been in Portland and Seattle for work this week, so we're glad he will be back to for another fun weekend!