Sunday Funday, For Real Y'all

David snapped this before church. He's been telling me something is wrong with his phone camera, now I totally believe him! But the girls still melt my heart, even when they're blurry.

Yesterday was promotion day at church which meant Georgia moved to a new classroom and got all new teachers. She was pretty thrilled to see that David and I are two of the volunteer helpers in her room! The last time I helped with kids was when I taught VBS during high school or college and.... was such an experience that I haven't volunteered for it again, haha!

I was pretty terrified at first because we had sixteen four and five year olds. But after the first few minutes parents came and picked some of them up so we were only left with 10, which felt much more manageable. When we arrived to the original running around the room sounding like a herd of dinosaurs, you could see the fear in David's eyes when heat me and asked "How are we supposed to get them to make a craft?" A craft! I mean, I was just planning on making sure nobody escaped, cried or conspired to tie up the adults and eat all of the snacks in the cabinet.

sugar creek baptist church sunday school playscape

Here we are after class. We should have taken a before because my hair is now completely flat and I lost an earring. For real, lost an earring wrangling those youngsters!

It actually ended up being fine and I had a blast. It was tiring but fun. We went to the children's worship room for songs, dancing, a puppet show and story. Then it was out to the playground to burn off some energy. We came back in sweaty, thirsty and ready for a snack and some playtime before it was time to go.

I loved that one little boy who didn't even want to stay at first, didn't want to leave when his mom came to get him! He and an adorable little girl all dressed in pink, with sparkly pink shoes to match, just wanted to hold my hands and sit by me. I'm always just a little surprised when kids that aren't my own like me right when they meet me. I'm not sure why, other than the fact that I don't feel like I'm that motherly or nurturing. Maybe they just like big ol' goofballs?

It was Hattie Elizabeth's first time at church and in the nursery. She's only seven weeks old and hasn't had her shots, but honestly, I was dying to get back to church and wanted to be there the first day the kids were in our class. Since there were only a couple of babies in the newborn room, she went there instead of staying in the baby carrier with me (fewer germs than with a room full of 4 and 5 year olds).

The sweet ladies in the nursery were happy to have a little one this tiny, and they took great care of her. They did call me to come feed her because she didn't want the bottle we left for her. Our childcare coordinator said the nursery worker came and said, "Mrs. Cheryl she's little but she's LOUD!" Yep, that's our Hattie Beth!

After church we celebrated having Georgia back home with lunch at her favorite restaurant - Buffalo Wild Wings. She just got back from visiting her Mimi and PopPop in Alabama. She was gone almost two weeks, the longest she's ever been away! David picked her up Saturday in Lafayette. We were a little concerned that her stay would be even longer with all of the flooding in Louisiana, but fortunately interstate 10 opened up a couple of days ago.***

David wanted to have some family fun time, so after we unpacked Georgia's seventeen suitcases and bags, we headed to Sky Zone. David has gone with our nephew Elijah and Georgia attended a birthday party here, but it was my first time at a trampoline park.

Houston birthday party trampoline park sky zone

Houston trampoline park sky zone

Oh my gosh, y'all! You have to go! It was so fun! The trampolines are much, much bouncier than our big trampoline at home. It's easy to really get some air without much effort and I spent some time working on my old cheerleading moves and perfecting my toe touch. You pay by the hour, but I really think they should just let us grown-ups buy in five or ten minute increments. By the time fifteen minutes had passed, I was out of breath and sweating like a pig glistening like an Olympian. (Side note: did you know jumping on a trampoline is an actual Olympic sport?!? Uh, huh. I watched it.) It was a good workout and I highly recommend taking your kid for an hour or two to wear them out on a rainy day when you can't get outside. I think they often have deals on Groupon, but I didn't think the undiscounted price was too high. Definitely worth it!

Don't worry, Hattie Elizabeth didn't get to jump. David and I took turns sitting out with her. She mostly slept the whole time.

One last thing - I just ordered some back to school - fall transitional, if you will - things for Georgia from Gymboree. Tons of cute things for $9.99 and under, including a utility vest that I would wear myself! After checkout they gave me a popup box link to share, for 20% off and free shipping (I get a $ off too). They have a lot of cute, girly active wear, too. You can use this link for the 20% off and free shipping. Use it to get those riding boots I posted about here and they'll only be $22. Georgia is still wearing hers and they look great - super quality for the price and hers haven't scratched or scuffed.

***We have friends in Baton Rouge and Denham Springs who were affected and it is devastating. We are continually praying for you all and have sent a few supplies and donated items with a relief team volunteer from our neighborhood. I can't imagine losing essentially everything and having to pick through the remnants of an entire lifetime to see if anything, however small, can be saved.