Georgia Is Five

Five. Five. Fi-i-ive!

How did we get from a little jellybean to a five year old? Time has never passed so quickly!

This is the birthday I dreaded. I knew that a baby was on the way and you would never be my "baby" again, although you'll always be Baby Girl to me. Besides, four was perfect. Absolutely perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better year. You grew and learned so much. I grew and learned so much. Four was the year I truly knew, without a doubt, that my purpose on this earth was to be a mommy. Your mommy.

Now you are five and a big sister and you are a truly amazing, special little girl.

You still have such a sweet, sensitive nature and a tender little heart. You are so giving and selfless. You are always thinking of others and putting others ahead of yourself. It's not often that such a young person knows what empathy is, but you truly embody it.

When you feel, whether it is happy or sad, good or bad, you feel with your whole heart. Your whole being. Your entire face is either lit up or so sad that I can't stand it. Through you, I've learned that it's OK to let your heart break over someone else's heartbreak.

You are so sentimental. You like to save every little thing that reminds you of a person, place, time or event that you love. You have a drawer in your dresser with my baby blanket, some gifts I received at your baby shower, and cards from your prior preschool teachers telling you what a wonderful, sunny little girl you are.

You are wise beyond your years and understand things that lots of people don't until they are much older. You love God and Jesus and are quick to remind us that it's OK for you to love them more than you love us. I hope you always put them first and let them guide your sweet little heart. I pray every day that they will protect your heart and you and keep you always happy.

You read everything you can get your hands on and have several journals that you write in. One is your Bible, another is full of sea creatures you have drawn. And remember when I was making a list of school lunches? You insisted on writing your items - karots was first on your list.

You love crafts and making cards for everyone you know. Giving gifts is your love language. Seeing a folded up sheet of construction paper with cat stickers and your handwriting can make everything in my world right again. You made literally boxes of cards and letters for Harriet while she was in my tummy. Every day I picked you up at school, you had a craft or letter for her. 

Even though it was difficult, you made my pregnancy such a special time - I knew that you would be a perfect Big Sister. And you have been! I couldn't have asked for any better behavior; you've not been selfish or jealous one time. And I know it's hard because a new baby takes up lots of Mommy and Daddy's time and attention. But you have always been one of the most patient people I know, so you just wait your turn and help us with the baby while you wait, if you can.

I will always, always treasure our special times. Like "guess what our favorite time of the day it is?" and singing the last words of Jesus Loves Me. You will always be my first baby, the one who made me a mommy, my special girl. I love you more than milkshakes. I love you more than anything. I love you forever.