Catching Up

David's parents are here visiting for awhile. Before they even arrived Georgia decided to go home with them to stay for a week or two. I think "fourteen days" was her exact request since fourteen is her favorite number these days. Three weeks ago this request would have broken my heart. Right now I'm fine with it.

I am working through a lot of feelings of guilt (and I don't do mommy guilt). But I feel horrible every time I think about how she got very little of my time and attention when I was pregnant, due to my illness and being in the hospital so many times. These days if Georgia wants to play and I'm not attending to the baby's immediate needs, she gets as much of my time as she wants.

So the prospect of some free time to catch up on projects that were meant to be finished before Hattie Elizabeth was born is pretty appealing right now. I know I will stay incredibly busy once school starts since so many activities and obligations take a break over summer. But our calendar is quickly filling up with dance class, Junior League meetings, playdates, church functions and school activities. September is about to be in full swing and I'll be planning for holidays before I know it. So yeah, a little extra time to finish the nursery and organize a few areas of the house before then would be awesome, even though I know I'll miss my Little Bug while she's away.

Speaking of September! David and I will be celebrating our tenth anniversary in September! In some ways it really doesn't seem like it's been that long since our wedding; in other ways I feel like we've been together forever. We had plans for a big trip this year. We chatted quite a bit about Spain or a couple of weeks on a beach somewhere. Unfortunately, a newborn baby throws a kink in those kind of plans. Since Hattie Elizabeth will barely be three months old when our anniversary rolls around, the most time we will get away/alone will likely be dinner out.

I've been looking into resorts in Mexico for our 2017 anniversary. Since we're not comfortable leaving a one year old to skip across the globe, Mexico is perfect for us. We usually take a morning flight and get there in time to have lunch on the beach. Such a milestone anniversary (not to mention postponing really celebrating it) deserves some extra panache, so I'm considering splitting two weeks between two amazing resorts. I've fallen in love with Le Blanc Spa Resort one for now, and with a year to plan I know I'll find at least one more that we have to visit. (We stayed at Excellence Playa Mujures two (three?) years ago and I highly, highly recommend it.)

We have some other smaller trips booked over the next few months, and since seeing this blog post on Taz + Belly we've been toying around with the idea of a camper. I feel like we need something to force us into regular getaways. I've always dreamed of a beach house and we've looked into Galveston, but I think we want a more traditional beach if we go that route. David's mom mentioned timeshares and Marriott's is pretty appealing. You can use the points like hotel points for their resorts; you're not stuck staying at the same property during or during the same timeframe. Based on my quick calculations, we could do a beach and ski trip every year or use the points for a really big international trip. We have more calculating and discussing to do, but it's fun to plan and dream about our future now that our family is finally complete.