Georgia's First Lemonade Stand

Last summer we bought lemonade from several cute stands set up in our neighborhood. Georgia loved the concept and noted "When I grow up I'm going to teach swim lessons and have a lemonade stand!" I guess the time for her to be all grown up was last weekend because Saturday morning before I was even awake, she came in our room and told me she was going to open a lemonade stand.

haute mommy blog lemonade stand

It was 100 degrees outside (literally) and someone had to stay home with the baby, so David was left in charge of the new enterprise. They really did it up right! They got cookies and lots of bottled water so they could make more lemonade right at the stand - something I wouldn't have thought of.

First Lemonade Stand Tips

When I asked what she would spend her money on, Georgia said she wanted to buy a hotel, a pool and a van for her American Girl doll. (She's been saving her good behavior rewards for this one she spotted a couple months ago.)

Cute Lemonade Stand

I thought she might come home with $20. Well our neighborhood must love ice cold lemonade and pink cookies because our little businesswoman made almost $60 after reimbursing David for her supplies! Before they even got home they had worked out a deal - Georgia mentioned wanting to donate some of her proceeds to a childhood cancer charity that her dance studio is working with, so of course David told her we would help her pay for a weekend at a hotel. I've scouted out several really cool spots on Groupon, so we will all be having a much-needed break soon, thanks to sweet Georgia!