Fleumonia / Life Lately

Sometimes I think if I glance over my shoulder I will see a crew of cameras following us around. Maybe a new show How to Drive a Pregnant Woman Insane, because if it's not one thing, it's another.

Georgia and I were both pretty sick over Mother's Day. I took her to the pediatric urgent care and they tested her for the flu and strep, both came back negative. They also tested me for strep, also negative. Chalk it up to a bad cold with sore throat and fever.

We got back to normal and everything was going fine. We were gearing up for the end of school, ballet recital, birthday party......Until.....The Thursday before Memorial Day when David called me into the other room and asked if Georgia had mentioned anything about putting Rice Krispies in her ears. No, of course not. Well, except that after swim lessons she kept saying she had "stuff" in her ears and I kept having her tip her head over to get the water out.

The pediatrician had us come in first thing Friday morning. Of course Georgia got a little talking to, but it was so hard not to laugh. She kept apologizing for trying to do a magic trick - she just pushed them too far into her ear. The doctor peeped and prodded but wasn't able to find anything. She said that most times things will work their own way out of ears, but always have them checked to make sure. So a $90 co-pay to let us know the magic trick did, in fact work - the "snack crackle pops" disappeared after all!

Memorial Day weekend was low key. I was medicated and asleep for a lot of it due to morning sickness while David and Georgia worked on the nursery.

Sunday afternoon friends invited us over for a pool party and BBQ. I made this pasta salad from Pioneer Woman. I wasn't expecting it to be so amazing - I just wanted a decent fail-proof recipe - but everyone loved it and I'm adding it to our picnic repertoire for sure! Make sure to get the good smoked gouda. Next time I will cut back quite a bit on the basil too, probably by half.

The party was laid back and the men and kids swam while the women just sat inside and chit-chatted. They have an indoor/outdoor pool that is pretty shaded, but I've hit the uncomfortable stage and was glad to be inside, fully air-conditioned.

Georgia was fine the entire time. She fell asleep on the 25 minute drive home, which isn't out of the ordinary. But she slept so hard and didn't wake up when we got her out of the car. A couple hours later she had a fever.

Monday was pretty downhill - Georgia slept and watched TV all day. I'm not one to freak out about fever and I rarely give her medicine for one. She didn't have any other symptoms so I figured it would just pass quickly. Fast forward to Monday night when she kept complaining that her neck hurt and she developed a little cough. I ended up getting up at 4 a.m. to go online and schedule an appointment.

When the doctor walked in she immediately said "Oh no, it looks like she has the flu!" She had Georgia take one deep breath, her eyes got big and we also got a pneumonia diagnosis.

Things were fairly uneventful. Other than a late night trip to the ER for an oxygen level check (doctor's orders), Georgia pretty much slept for five days straight. She had some vomiting, but the fever, cough and aches were the main complaints.

My OB started David and me on Tamiflu right away. She said we would likely have flu-like symptoms, but as long as I didn't get a fever or ahem "restroom issues" (I hate the d-word) things would be ok. The flu-like symptoms were miserable, especially when tending to a sick kiddo, but luckily we avoided the full blown flu.

I feel like we've only just now all fully recovered. We did a few fun things today and I have a ton of photo posts to catch up on. And some pregnancy updates - less than a month to go before we meeting Baby Sister! I couldn't be more excited. Or swollen....you'll have to stop back by for my third trimester update and see a photo I can't believe I'm going to share....!