What's Up Wednesday April 2016

As a testament to how completely insane things get when YOUR COMPUTER DIES - you guys get to see my What's Up Wednesday almost a week late. I'd written most of it except for the photos last week, then over the weekend kapow black screen. Since Georgia has swim lessons every day, there was absolutely no time slot at the Genius Bar I could make until this weekend. So I just dropped my computer off and picked it up yesterday. Even though I had an appointment, I still had to wait an hour past my time slot before anyone could tell me what happened. Fortunately, it was a combo of battery and charger problems, so an easy fix! I still don't love using a mac, but the free Genius Bar is nice when something goes wrong.

Anyway - here's last week's post, but basically the same things are still "up" this week. And we will hopefully be back to regularly scheduled shenanigans this week!

What We're Eating This Week
So um, maybe I've been getting soup from Panera bread too often. I pick up a cup of French Onion or Chicken and Rice a couple times a week, sometimes more. Ok, last week it was probably daily. I always order from my phone and just pick it up and bring home to eat, easy peasy.

Last week I was bummed to see a sign letting me know that my location would be closed for the month of May for upgrades. BUT look at this email I got the next morning! Sure, I'll have to drive a bit further but FREE SOUP. And the other location has a drive through, which allows for even more laziness on my part! So yeah...safe to say we will be having some Panera.

Free Panera Bread Soup for a month during renovations 2016

What I'm Reminiscing About
Spring and summer always get me in the traveling spirit. Gosh, looking back at these pictures (some were before we were married) - our days of packing up and heading out for the weekend are long gone now that we almost have a family of four.

What I'm Loving
Am I allowed to say my hair and my boobalicious boobs? I'm in the stage of pregnancy where I've put on weight in the right places but haven't yet gained all over. My belly is bigger but still manageable. I know the days of sweating and huffing and puffing when I need to walk five steps are coming, but right now I'm loving it! (Between writing and posting this - those days hit. Hard. As did the third trimester no sleep phase.)

Why do bloggers take pictures in cars? And I'd like to gratuitously add #nofilter!!
What I've Been Up To
Nada. No computer was probably good for me. I think my iron level is finally getting to where it needs to be, but last week I slept every chance I got. I've had to double up on iron and B-6 prescriptions, in addition to my prenatal vitamins, but I finally feel like I'm rounding a corner and not feeling like a narcoleptic.

What I'm Dreading
I don't think I'm really dreading anything, but we have a very busy week coming up. Swim lessons every day, haircuts, an event or meeting every single night Monday through Saturday. Two conference calls, a training and two doctor appointments during the day....kind of tired thinking about how busy it's going to be.

What I'm Working On
The nursery. Oh gosh, I really haven't made progress! The fabric came in and I need to get it to the designer who is making the bedding. David wants to paint next week, so I bought three samples that need to be tried out, too.

What I'm Excited About
I have an ultrasound coming up this week! I had weekly or bi-weekly ultrasounds with Georgia, so I got to see her all the time. This will only be the third or fourth time we've gotten to watch Baby Sister. She moves so much, so I'm excited to see how she is positioned and what all of these kicks, punches and twists actually are.

What I'm Reading
I'm reading about five different books right now, but the most interesting one is about productivity methods. The author spent a year trying all sorts of things to increase productivity and noted which ones worked the best and why. I'm not sure that I'll be using any of his finds anytime soon, with a baby on the way, but this book is definitely a keeper. If you like Life Hacks, you will love it!

Just a couple of the things he writes about are meditating/yoga and multitasking. He has a really great casual style, and the book is a very easy, conversational read. I love that every chapter has an "estimated time to read" - and that I can beat the estimate every time. Makes me feel super productive! The book is The Productivity Project and you can buy it here on Amazon.

What I'm Listening To
Georgia discovered the Disney Princess station on Pandora. So if she's awake and there's anything on, that's it. If I sneak in some music while she's asleep, lately it's been Chris Stapleton and, of course, Prince.

What I'm Doing This Weekend
I'm getting my Derby hat ready! This Saturday is not only the Kentucky Derby but our Junior League spring fling - A Day at the Derby! It's going to be a fun party held during the Derby. So get your bets and get ready to cheer for your favorite pony! If you're in the Houston area and interested in tickets, please contact me (email or leave a comment on this post). I'd love to see you there!

What I'm Looking Forward To
Everything! The weather is great, it's almost summer, dance recital coming up - so much to look forward to and be thankful for right now!

What Else Is New
This isn't new with me personally, but I have a new favorite twitter account that I love! He's the dad of three or four young girls and just hilarious. Find him @Xplodingunicorn.

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