Life Lately + Wednesday Wishlist

Yesterday Georgia wore her swimsuit from last year to swim lessons and she kept saying "I can't breave, I can't breave!" I told her to quit being so dramatic, but when she got undressed I could see that it was way too tight across her ribcage. Oops!

So today after I dropped her off at preschool I ran all over town looking for a size 5 swimsuit that didn't look like a miniature adult version. Janie & Jack was my first stop, then I drove 30 minutes to another Janie & Jack. Bought this striped one and this seersucker one (both on sale online, but not in the store), but I kept thinking too much on my drive home and decided didn't love either of them. 

So in a last ditch effort before trying another look at Target, I called my local J&J - the girls who work there are always so awesome. I told them I was just in but didn't see any size 5s to which she conveniently replied, "We have a few styles on sale, they're in the back." So I went back and they found the seahorse print, which was my first choice anyway, for me and I left happy. Mommy crisis averted. Next time I will just ask them to check the back before I leave the store.

Speaking of swim lessons, they've been amazing! Today was day seven and Georgia dove to the bottom of the pool to retrieve rings. Before she started, she was terrified to go underwater! After the 10 day intensive thing is over, we'll probably continue going 2-3 times a week until our club pool opens. I totally recommend Houston Swim Club.

Georgia got a zebra Beanie-Boo yesterday and she's been taking it all over. It calls her momma. She initially named it Heldaguard, but now she's calling it Zoey. It just happened to be "Z Day" for show & tell, so Helda-zoe got to go to preschool. Which was nice because usually I'm left in charge of whatever animals or babies are the flavor of the day and I have to make up things to tell her what they had to eat, if they napped or got in trouble....pretty much like a real kid. 

Moms with older kids - does it matter how old they are? I feel like even when she's fourteen I will still just want to eat her up! I love her in pigtails because they make her look like such a little girl. Maybe when we're in the middle of a drama fest in her teens, she will let me put her little piggies in curls to remind myself of how much I love her. Oh, I hope so!

I bought the little anchor outfit from a Facebook boutique a couple of years ago (don't remember which one). The pants were too big for her, so I just saved it until it fit her as capris and tunic. Her torso hasn't grown nearly as much as her legs. She can still wear a size 3 in tops, but needs a 6 for length in pants. Thank goodness it's summer though, because her skinny little rear can't hold up the waist of a 6! Oh, to have that problem, right?

Our neighborhood elementary school had their annual carnival last weekend. It was rainy, so everything except the dunking booth, rides and snow cones got moved inside.

David and Georgia spent $20 to win a few lollipops, glitter tattoos and miniature My Little Ponies, while I tried my luck at the silent auction. We ended up winning a week at dance camp for Georgia, a month of Baby Boot Camp, a month of baby Gymboree classes, a month of unlimited karate classes + outfit + a private lesson, $100 worth of childcare and a couple of smaller things. Guess I got really lucky, ha! Thank goodness it's for a good cause.

Can I just please note that this girl dresses herself? The dress is Eleanor Rose, which I posted about a couple of weeks ago. Boots are Hunter Wellies (on sale!) and raincoat is Target (no longer available, but similar here).

I mean, really, could just eat her up!!!

I feel like I had a few things on my mental wish list when I sat down to write this post, but now the only thing I can think of is this Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede perfume. My friend Lindz gave me a bottle of it last year and I'm out. It's perfect for summer! Light but not too floral or sweet. If you don't want to make a $125 commitment, you can get the smaller bottles for $15-20 on Amazon.

If I had to say I collect anything, it would be perfumes. This is the only bottle I have fully used up in years, literally. It's that good!

Big ultrasound tomorrow morning! I'm not yet sure when we will set the birthdate, but I only have seven or eight weeks to go! This pregnancy has really flown by quickly. I was quite nervous about having a c-section, but we did a c-section parents only tour at the hospital last week and now I'm really excited. I think it will be a much better experience than the traumatic delivery I had with Georgia. I get to hang out in my own room right until surgery, then David and I go to surgery. I can hold the baby and nurse right away - any time they take her away, I will be able to watch her on a TV above me! Then 30 minutes after surgery I get wheeled right back to my room where Big Sister Georgia will be waiting to meet the baby. I doubt we will have Georgia stay with us at the hospital, but she is welcome to. 

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