Date Night!

No silly, not me. Daddy and Georgia, of course!

A couple of weeks ago, Georgia came downstairs for breakfast in this outfit. Complete with umbrella, eye shadow and lip gloss. When I asked just where she thought she was going she told me that she and David had a date.

I just went with it and she changed outfits about four times throughout the day before settling on a blue satin dress. She picked out his shirt and tie, too!

I did draw a line when she said they were going to stay at a hotel - hey, they can't have all the fun without me!

David was thrilled to take his little Princess to her favorite restaurant all dolled up. It's very casual and she did take the umbrella... They ran into her teacher and several older couples wanted to take their picture. I bet he really loved the attention!

She really is too much! She wanted a ponytail with a big bow.

I don't know where she comes up with these things - like taking the umbrella everywhere. But I sure do love having a girly-girl who likes to dress up!

I really can't stand it when bloggers post a bunch of repetitive photos like this. But I can't help it! I want y'all to see the preciousness!!

So tell me, does your favorite date night attire include dangly Ariel earrings and a Minnie Mouse umbrella?