Who Does This Baby Look Like?

baby 3d 4d 30 week ultrasound houston

Isn't she beautiful? And she looks just like her Big Sissy!

I was shocked at how much more detailed the 4d ultrasounds are now as compared to five years ago when I was pregnant with Georgia. Poor sweet Georgia's first photos all made her look like a slightly molded lump of clay!

Baby Sister has Georgia's pursed little lips and chubby cheeks. They both favor their daddy/gradfather's side in the lower cheek area. It's hard to explain but once you see it, you can't un-see. Her nose and forehead were a bit smooshed against the "camera" or something, but I think she has my family's nose and her profile looks much more like me.

It's going to be really fun to see what she really looks like. Will she have peachy skin and lighter hair like Georgia and her aunt Ann? Or will she have more olive-toned skin, freckles and dark hair like me?

I have more photos, as well as my 30 week update, to share next week. I'm kind of in shock...here we are setting her birth date and about to have a baby in two months! I think we have all of the stuff we need, but I don't feel mentally prepared at all.

Is it always like this with second or third babies? I feel like the first time around we were on some kind of schedule, or at least had some kind of checklist in mind. Now I feel like I'm sitting here with my hands over my ears singing la-la-la and trying to postpone the inevitable.

Don't get me wrong. I'm incredibly excited. But I just feel like I know the ropes and you really can have a baby without all the extra stuff. It all falls into place eventually.....right? We have a carseat, crib, bottles and clothes.....somebody tell me I'm not crazy!