Weekend in Austin

Last Thursday I dropped Georgia off to spend a week with my parents. As far as I can tell she is having a blast! I've talked to her twice on the phone. Both times for about 20 seconds. The first time she said, "Oh my battery's dying! I gotta go!" and the second excuse was, "Well, I'm outside on the porch. Gotta run!" Besides all of the spoiling that I'm certain my mom is doing, she has three cousins ages 9, 6 and 3 that she is spending a lot of time with.

David and I used the opportunity to get away for a long weekend. We rented a house from Air B&B with some friends. We had never rented a house before, but it turned out to be a great plan. We had a full kitchen, lots of space and plenty of room to just hang out and visit. Much better than a hotel for a longer stay.

We spent Friday and Saturday nights at concerts at The ACL Moody Theater. The rest of our time was split between eating and sleeping. I'm not kidding! We joked that anytime we were awake, everyone was talking about what we were going to eat next.

I had to - because when else is my belly going to be covered in sequins?
I'm terrible at taking photos when it's just the two of us away for the weekend, but I did manage to get some of our BBQ. We all drove out to Lockhart (about 30 minutes away) to Smitty's BBQ. It was fantastic! It rivals Franklin's, which is my all time fave. I had a pork rib, turkey and jalapeño sausage. I ended up giving the sausage to someone else after one bite because I just didn't like the texture.

The turkey was the best I've ever tasted though - it was seasoned well throughout and stayed moist, neither of which usually happens with smoked turkey. All of the sides I had were great...and I had everything except the beans. The only thing I didn't like at Smitty's was the sweet tea. It definitely wasn't sweet enough.

We had dinners in downtown Austin, which were pretty uneventful for me. Tasty, but nothing I will remember forever. The guys loved the fish tacos and sandwiches from Lavaca Street Bar. I only had the fries and hush puppies and they were both incredibly tasty. But it's a bar, so I don't recommend going there just to eat.

Our friend John practically forced us to go to Juan in a Million for a breakfast taco. I can have a great breakfast taco anytime, so I really didn't see what the big deal was. Until we got there. We waited for 45 minutes then were blessed with this humongous Juan Platter. It was so good! Mine was just eggs, potatoes, chorizo, cheese and some spices (David had bacon) fried up like a hash. But man, they got something right on the seasoning. I could have eaten this stuff all day!

Really funny thing about Juan's - David told Siri (on his iPhone) to give us directions to Juan in a Million and we ended up at some guy's house!

Alas, weekends can't last forever, so now I'm back at home catching up on sleep and laundry. It's so quiet without Georgia here! I took two naps yesterday which would never be possible with her but I really miss her little voice and her projects and all of the craft supplies and toys she drags out all the time to play with. I'm really glad we are having another baby because I wouldn't be able to handle being here alone all day without someone to keep me busy!