US Men's Clay Court Championship at River Oaks Country Club

The Thompsons treated us to their box for opening day of the U.S. Men's Clay Court Tennis Championship at the River Oaks Country Club. The weather was simply amazing, and, believe it or not, I found it very relaxing to sit back and watch the matches.

We got to see American Denis Kudla defeat German Mischa Zverev in a match that lasted over two hours. Two hours of peace and quiet with the only noise the thonk-whap of the tennis ball and occasional small cheers from the fans? Two hours of a quiet and still four year old? Yes, please! I'll go to a tennis tournament every day of the week! If only seats came with a pillow and blanket....

We got the tickets late last week and I had completely forgotten about going. I sent David a "love you, hope you have a great day" text and he responded that he couldn't wait to see me for the match. Freak out over finding something to wear commenced. I texted a few of my girlfriends to see if anyone had a dressy-casual maternity or very loose fitting dress. Fortunately my friend Christina had one that worked out perfectly! Praise the Lord for friends with great closets who are willing to share!

Georgia was accessorized from head-to-toe and every time someone complimented her, she would smile, give a little pose and say "Thank you! I love your dress!" or necklace, or whatever. One older woman was wearing koulottes and Georgia complimented her "shorts".

There were more matches after the one we watched, but we decided to walk around for a bit and ended up running into our old neighbors and a friend from St. Luke's. And of course we had to get some grub. Georgia opted to eat only a hamburger bun and some pretzels, but when we were leaving I asked what her favorite part of the day was and she enthusiastically said, "Eating!"

It was a fun outing - nice to do something other than our usual haunts. Although I don't follow tennis, I do appreciate fashion, so I made a great game of outfit watching when my eyes weren't darting back and forth across the tennis court.