Swim Lessons at Houston Swim Club + A Couple of Great Finds

Yesterday Georgia started the two week swim lessons at Houston Swim Club. We had a good experience in the Mommy and Me class when she was about 18 months old (adorable photos!!), but we haven't done more than just play in the club and neighborhood pools since then. But since she's turning five, we really wanted her to start swimming on her own. She will go every day for two weeks straight, then we can choose to do the weekly lessons at HSC or in our neighborhood once summer starts.

Houston Swim Club Sugar Land
Her first go round with Mr. Andrew - she was really nervous.

She was really nervous. I didn't realize how much so until at breakfast she asked God to help going underwater not be so scary. (It's times like that when I wish I could just take on her fears and apprehensions. It really breaks my heart!) When we arrived I found out she would have a male teacher, which made me nervous because I really wasn't sure how she would react. She's had male gymnastics and cheer coaches, and I crossed my fingers that Mr. Andrew would be able to calm her worries.

swimming lessons sugar land texas
By the second time, getting the hang of it!

It turns out I had nothing to worry about. She did great! I watched from outside the big glass window and the teacher seemed to be great.  Mr. Andrew was very gentle and talked to them constantly. During her first round off the wall swimming with him, I could tell by her posture that she was tense and nervous. She eventually loosened up and by the second round she was relaxed and, from what I could see, was doing what she was supposed to be doing.

review of houston swim club swimming lessons

When she got out of class, the first thing she asked is "When do I get to come back?" Then she asked if I could talk to Daddy about putting in a pool so she could practice blowing bubbles and putting her face in the water. I can't wait to see her progress at the end of next week!

A couple of reasons why we chose Houston Swim Club: the two week intensive lessons - I don't think a child can retain much and learn to swim as quickly with having lessons only once a week; they don't just hire high school or college swimmers to teach - most of their teachers are older and all go through a big training program to learn HSC's method (I think they said it's four months long); the largest class ratio is one teacher to four students, Georgia's class only has three students, so they are all getting great one-on-one time.

We picked up a pizza on the way home and Georgia just went on and on about swimming until it was time for bed! Speaking of bedtime, I'm kind-of-ish working to take out her nap. She will currently nap at least two, usually three, hours a day. Since David works late a lot, she does stay up later than most kids her age (I think) so they can spend time together. But once school starts in August, I will be trying to manage a baby's naps, and she is already signed up for some after school activities that won't allow for naps. So far it's going OK. I do have her nap every second or third day - when she starts pulling attitude with me, I can tell she needs a little extra rest.

Over the weekend I got a postcard in the mail with a code for extra 25% off Macy's Friends and Family Sale (FRIENDS) and I made some great purchases. As a side note, my friend Erin said Macy's is always having a big sale. I do 90% of my shopping online and it's usually Nordstrom, so I don't know...but at any rate, I'm happy with what I bought!

I've been dying over these over-the-knee boots ever since Caitlyn at Southern Curls and Pearls (photo credit) posted them last fall. At the time, I was newly pregnant and wasn't sure how I felt about tottering around in them, then fall turned into winter and I forgot about them. I just happened to see them on sale and the extra 25% off made them too good to pass up!

I can't seem to pass up any kind of baby outfit that is ballet or nautical themed, and I thought the leaf print dress was very Lilly-esque. And of course, what's a successful shopping "trip" without a few things for yourself? I really couldn't pass up the Honeydew or nursing tank at those prices. I didn't find anything I liked for Georgia, but that's probably OK. She has quite a few Eleanor Rose outfits coming and they've been posting teasers for a sailboat line, which will be a must have. I also just ordered our first outfit from Sweet Honey.

Unrelated to anything else in this post - the rash I posted about yesterday? I'm keeping it under control with lotion and Dermablast, but as soon as one area goes away, another pops up. There aren't any sores, just red, raised, warm areas of skin about the size of my palm. They itch like crazy! And it's just on my legs. Any ideas?