Nursery Decor Plans / Modern With A Vintage Twist

I am going to go way out of my comfort zone for this project and blog my plans for the nursery and hopefully how it all comes together over the next six weeks. Yep. I am making this decision at 11:45 p.m. the night before the One Room Challenge begins.

David has been on me to get to it with the nursery and I have been dragging my feet. Mainly because I have this amazing idea of how I'd like it to look, but I'm nervous about translating it to real-life-outside-of-my-head for fear it won't turn out like my plan.

Georgia's nursery was my dream nursery. Traditional, cherub toile, vintage ballet, pink, pink, pink. Just perfect for a baby girl. I thought about doing the same style for Baby Sister, but I decided to go with something a bit more trendy and playful.

I have a couple of fabrics in mind - a vintage-esque Michael Miller and rose quartz buffalo check, and I've already bought a few accessories that are mint and metallic gold. I've been eyeing a rocker and planning on painting a light grey (color matched to the background of my to do list).

Here are some of my ideas. All from Target except for the bottom row, which is Land of Nod, Nordstrom and Pottery Barn Kids. I hope you'll follow along with me to see how the nursery comes along week by week!

I hope you will stop by tomorrow to read the post I have planned. I intended to post it today, but it's been a very difficult one to write and I just wanted to let it sit for a couple of days as a draft before I hit publish.