Eleanor Rose / Shopping for Girls

Oh boy. What a week. It's been rough but I don't have the energy to even think about it right now. Plus, I don't feel like being a Debbie Downer on a beautiful Friday. Instead, I'm going to participate in Kelly's Korner's linkup to show off one of my favorite places to shop for little girl clothes!

I think it was two years ago I saw this gorgeous Nutcracker nightgown on eBay. It was going for $80 so I let it go and never thought of it again. Fast forward to last Christmas when my friend Jamie posted some pictures of her daughter's birthday party on Facebook and I fell in love with a little unicorn themed shorts outfit.

The elusive Unicorn. Georgia has the matching blue and white ruffled shorts to match

Our latest purchase. Georgia had to have this top. It has matching shorts. She said "I look fourteen!" and I said "Well, you aren't allowed to wear halter tops when you're fourteen, so enjoy it now, Missy!"

I couldn't resist this cute dress! Plus, the style is "Georgia". I feel like they did that on purpose.... It fits her this year and I'll just buy some basic ruffle capris next year and she can wear it as a tunic.
I immediately messaged to ask where it came from and she told me "It's sold out, but it's by Eleanor Rose." I'd never heard of them, so she added me to a buy and sell Facebook page. And I saw the Nutcracker gown! I paid more than I should have (not to the tune of $80 though) but it was totally worth it, and I was also able to eventually snag a unicorn outfit.

I got lucky with this Thanksgiving dress. I paid the usual under $40 for it and sold it for $50 after she wore it a couple of times. Always keep a stain stick handy!!
I really got addicted to the cute classic prints. Eleanor Rose is owned by Kelly's Kids, so it's all amazing quality. The price point is nice, too - dresses are usually $28-34 and a shorts outfit runs about $38-40-ish. They do sell matching hair accessories, and you can always find really adorable made-to-match bows and jewelry on etsy.

I didn't love this one immediately, but after seeing it on quite a few kids it became a must have. I found a really cute bow to match on etsy, too.
There is one trick - they sell out quickly. New lines are usually loaded on their website Wednesdays at 7 a.m. Thankfully it's in my time zone, so I just hop on the computer about 10 minutes prior and I've always gotten what I'm after. Some mommas have to get up at 5 though! You snooze you lose!
I bought a baby sized romper for Little Sister. I'm keeping an eye out for a reasonably priced dress for Georgia to wear next year. This will be adorable for Easter bunny or bluebonnet photos!
I don't buy from every line, I just don't like some of the fabrics that much. But they put out enough of my must-have items to keep the clothing budget empty! Georgia has gotten picky too, so she usually tells me which of the outfits she likes best from any line and I get that for her. The fits and fabrics are babyish enough that I love them on her, and mature enough so that she thinks she's grown up.

Georgia has the Elephant dress and suspender outfits. It is horrible that I bought them too big so she can wear them to kindergarten? And Baby Sister has the romper in the size she will (hopefully) be wearing so they can match.
Georgia wore this as a dress with boots for Rodeo this year. Next year if it's too short I plan to pair it with leggings or skinny jeans.
And of course Little Sister will be toddling along after us in her Chickens! 
I'm sorry that I don't have any real life photos of Georgia in these outfits! I don't have any on my phone and she's in bed right now. Follow us on Instagram @chasitymunn - the mermaid outfits just arrived yesterday so I'm sure they will make an appearance soon! The dress she wore to church for Easter was Eleanor Rose, too!

Disclaimer: ER/KK did not sponsor this post. Everything pictured was unfortunately bought with my own money!