Baby #2: 28 Week Pregnancy Update & Photos

Oh friends. I have been through the wringer the past couple of weeks. My hyperemesis / morning sickness is pretty under control, and now I'm only getting sick once or twice a week. I've barely used my Zofran pump this week and things are going ok. I am grateful that the baby is healthy, but I feel like momma just can't catch a break!

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I didn't feel stellar while we were in Austin, but I thought it was just from traveling and staying up late. Even though I was sleeping most of the day, I was just fatigued and weak. When we got home, I felt like I just couldn't catch up. No matter how much I slept, I was just still exhausted. On Thursday or Friday when I realized that I was only awake for 5-8 hours every day, and still couldn't focus on things, I called my doctor. My iron level was really low so I started on bigger supplements. They've helped a little, but supposedly take six weeks to fully kick in.

glucose tolerance test 170 score passed 3 hour test

Last Monday I went in for my glucose test. I completely failed it and had to go back Wednesday for the three hour test. I didn't eat anything after dinner and by the time all of my blood draws were finished it was after lunch. Needless to say I was tired, sick and exhausted.

At Monday's appointment I was having some GI issues that I mentioned to my doctor. She said "Here take this and if it doesn't kick in within a couple of hours, call me and we'll discuss the next steps." Of course with my amazing luck, it didn't work. So in the midst of Houston's flood, we dropped Georgia off with friends (thank you M family!!! So much!) and checked in.

Houston TCH Pavilion Women's assessment center overnight
They always have a great selection of movies. 
It was a quick but fairly dramatic stay which culminated with me in the restroom, my gown had fallen off, I was sweating from every pore on my body, vomiting, suddenly broke out in hives and had to pull the little string to call for the nurse because I started seeing spots and flashes of lights and couldn't stand up. David had gone downstairs to grab dinner and I looked up to see him and Dr. McDreamy (seriously, I've never had a male doctor on call at any of my visits except this one) and the chicly accessorized nurse staring at me like I was in a horror movie. Or maybe a circus exhibit. They scrammed - literally all ran off at once to get me an IV and shots of Zofran and something for the hives. Not something I want to relive again. Probably one of my most embarrassing moments. And you know it's a Dr. McDreamy when the following day, you text your husband and he refers to him as "the hot doctor". Gah! My face is turning red just thinking about the whole ordeal!

I recovered within the next couple of days (not from the embarrassment, though), but I can't wait for my iron levels to pick up. I'm trying to sleep 10-12 hours at night, and I usually still feel like I need a nap. David has been out of town for the weekend and I'm just beat. Georgia told me I wasn't any fun, and I spent all day yesterday feeling so grumpy about anything and everything possible.

Oh! And right before we left for Austin, a small piece of a filling popped off when I was flossing my teeth. It started hurting Wednesday, so I went to see my doctor Thursday. Had to get a root canal first thing Friday morning. Ugh - seriously!

And now as I'm sitting here typing this, I have four or five HUGE patches of red, itchy skin on my thighs and calves. It feels really warm to the touch and itches like crazy. I've used some hydrocortisone, regular lotion and some organic essential oil type stuff. I guess I'll just keep an eye on it and hope it doesn't spread...

On the good side of things - I am loving not feeling sick and vomiting all hours of the day! On the nights I don't wear my pump, I'm usually nauseous in the morning for a couple of hours, but it has made me switch from drinking coffee and sweet tea at breakfast to juice and water, which is so much healthier.

My bump is small when I wake up, but by the end of the day I am feeling it! I have Braxton-Hicks contractions pretty much all day starting around lunchtime until I go to bed. My tummy just feels heavy and there's so much pressure. I feel like I'm carrying much lower than I did with Georgia. I think I've gained six pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight (which puts me at around 16 pounds gained over all, which is right on track). This is the first week my non-maternity pants and jeans have felt too tight, so I'm pretty much always in maternity jeans or a dress. Or David's sweatpants when I'm at home.

This baby is a wild one! Georgia hardly ever moved and never "passed" the kick count tests. This one? They want me to feel her kick 10 times in two hours. I usually count 10 times in any 10 seconds! It kind of has me scared for when she gets here. I have a feeling shes' going to keep me on my toes!

best strawberry milkshakes for pregnancy cravings
I'm supposed to have as many liquids as possible, so I go get a strawberry shake from Potbelly's every single day. I'm not kidding. I guess I should be thankful they only have one size.
Speaking of Georgia, she really just can't wait for her baby sister! Last week she was in her carseat praying "Oh please please please please please...." When she finished I asked what she was praying for and she said, "Oh just that Baby Sister would get here and I would finally get to be a big sister." She is less excited about turning five than she is about the baby coming!