Spring Break Swimsuit Shopping

First off - happy Good Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed Easter weekend.

My mom came down for a surprise visit for Georgia's spring break from preschool and stayed the whole week! It was awesome and we had a great time. Some of you might be thinking it might not be that awesome to have mom surprise you for a week, but trust me - with an on-the-go preschooler + 24/7 morning sickness, when Mom called Monday morning to let me know she was halfway here, I'm pretty sure I heard angels singing.

We didn't do a lot, and I don't think I took a single picture. We took long walks around the lake and made a small dent in the shopping I need to do before the designer can start on bedding for the nursery. I slept and rested a lot while my mom and Georgia played and bonded.

We went shopping and I found three swimsuits. Amazing because in most years I can't even find one that I love. Two of them will fit my pregnant belly and the other I am holding onto for wishful thinking down the road, hoping I will get in shape before our Disney cruise next January.

Here's what I got - scroll to the bottom of the post to see them on models.

I fell in love with the bikini version of this Kate Spade bow swimsuit when Caitlin at Southern Curls & Pearls featured it, but I knew it wouldn't work for my lifestyle so I never looked into it. I was thrilled when I found the full piece in my size. It does have removable straps and I recommend sizing up, especially if you are fairly well endowed in the chest area. If you are really lucky in the bust, go up two sizes for best coverage.

This Trina Turk print is so gorgeous and vibrant in person. I've linked to several styles below - I love them all, and I'm debating exchanging this for something I'll get more wear from. I generally save the skimpy suits for trips or pool time without kids, there's just too much risk of showing more than I want to! And then there's that whole thing of losing pregnancy weight and getting back into shape....I feel like having this in my closet staring at me will be great motivation, but I also know that a woman's body is going to do what it wants to do after having kids, so who knows what kind of shape I will bounce into. This one runs true to size.

I love this Michael Kors medallion tankini! It's a bright orange-ish red that goes really well with my coloring. They also had it in navy and black, but I wanted something that would stand out a little. Not that I need to really try to stand out - because now that I think about it, I'm going to look like a big ol' tomato. I sized up so this will (hopefully) fit over my belly for a lot of the summer, but it does run true to size.

I also picked up these sunglasses, and I got these earrings in rose when David's mom was here. I've gotten compliments every time I wear them because they're smaller than the usual Kendra Scotts everybody wears. I'm dying for these shoes, but I'm having a hard time forking over $100+ for Steve Madden. Maybe this will show my age, but in high school and college we all wore Steve Madden and they were at like a $30 price point. Surely I'm not so old that inflation has gone up that much??

Steve Madden slides circa 1999
I had these! What a blast from my past.

But on a non-inflation point - I got these white Joie jeans last year and now they're on major sale, almost 75% off! I love them because they are higher rise and very thick & sturdy so they hold shape well (no saggy butt or knees by lunchtime which often happens with white jeans). I got mud on them and it came out with a Clorox pen. I also accidentally wore blue undies one day and when I noticed and checked out in the mirror, they weren't showing through because of the thicker denim. #winning!

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