Our Easter Photos

This picture has my heart.

After church we went to my aunt and uncle's house out in the country for lunch and a little egg hunting.

I can't get over how grown up she looks here! She kept saying, "Mommy, do I look fourteen?"

Look at their amazing front yard!

The night before Easter, while I was getting the glasses of egg dye ready, Georgia kicked me out of the kitchen because she had a surprise for me.

She made two "Jesus Eggs". Brilliant!! They have little Band-Aids to represent the "boo-boos he got from the nails on the cross".

The night before Easter Georgia leaves her basket of eggs and some carrots out for Peter Cottontail. He replaces the basket with goodies, hides her eggs and leaves a messy confetti trail.

This year Peter was fleeing the scene right as Georgia hopped down the stairs, so not much time for photos. Her basket this year had an umbrella, bunny napkins, undies, workout clothes, ballet shoes, Disney princess Jelly Bellys and My Little Pony Kinder-Eggs.

She came out with no shoes and not wanting to get her feet wet, so David had to carry her around to pick up eggs.

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