This girl! I just don't know what to say....  If you've never had the pleasure of hanging out with a talkative four year old, you really should borrow one for the day.
I started posting #georgiasays funny stuff to my personal Facebook page and everybody gets a kick out of it. I think I'll start sharing on my blog's Facebook page, too.

I mean, first of all, it just doesn't get much sweeter than four (look at this picture, have you ever seen a sweeter little smile?). But then has her own personality and it is just totally, completely off the wall. I don't have much of a sense of humor myself, so I'm usually just stunned over the hilarious things she comes up with on her own.

"I don't think I should go out for recess today."  Oh, why not? "Because I just washed my hair. #georgiasays

Come on Georgia, we gotta wash your face before Zoo Boo (Halloween event at the zoo). "I'm not gonna wash my face......I'm dressing up as a man!" #georgiasays

She woke me up one morning looking like this. Way too bright for when the sun is just coming up.....
When watching the debate last week: "Oh Marco Rubio, you are not up there chewing gum." #georgiasays and also parenting win for me - I can't stand to watch someone chew gum! He wasn't chewing gum, he was licking his teeth or something. And she doesn't know Mr. Rubio, they had just announced his name.

"Did Daddy put this music in your car? Because it's really cool." #georgiasays

David's mom walked in the room and asked what they were watching "Gold Rush" and what it's about "Let's look for some gold guys. I got a bunch of gold BEEEEP!" Just beeping out bad words like the TV does.... #georgiasays

I really thought you would name me Pepper Taylor instead of Georgia. #georgiasays

"Daddy do you know who that green guy on money is? That's George Washington. He was our first prisoner!" #georgiasays

This was a sweet one. For Mimi (David's mom): "Mommy when I grow up you can live with me. You'll be old, but you'll be like Mimi. You'll still look young." #georgiasays

"Mommy I know why roses have thorns. It's so they can poke bigger creditors!" Predators, creditors, whatever! #georgiasays

"A lie is just a fib in Spanish." #georgiasays

And this just really sums up the end of her nightly prayers: "Dear Lord, Jesus and God, in the name of all the people praying to Heaven, Amen." #georgiasays

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