My Current Makeup Routine - Covering Up Morning Sickness

I'm typically very low maintenance when it comes to makeup. I haven't owned a full-coverage foundation since I discovered my favorite tinted moisturizer. In fact, I've stuck to pretty much the same routine since before having Georgia.

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But since being so sick and still having to sometimes look presentable, I've pulled out the big guns. I bought some HD makeup that covers up a multitude of undesirables: paleness, under eye circles, flushed skin, green tint...and it doesn't sweat off so can last through a day's worth of nausea and vomiting sessions. And I've perfected the routine so I can be done with makeup in five minutes or less.

I will say that I don't do this makeup every day. If we're not leaving the house or only running quick errands, I usually just wear lip gloss. If we have something casual like a playdate lunch with friends, I use the old routine (linked above) with tinted moisturizer or BB cream. But when I want to look and feel a bit more put together, here is what I do:

+ I apply a couple pumps of Urban Decay Naked Skin Makeup with a damp Beauty Blender. This is an amazing full coverage makeup when applied with a brush, but for everyday wear I like a more natural look that allows some of my freckles to show through. If I have a blemish, I will use it non-diluted as a concealer and it works perfectly.

+ I use this Bare Minerals brush to apply just enough Tarte pressed Finishing Powder to cut back on shine and stickiness. Otherwise the Naked Skin picks up too much blush and bronzer.

 + Will I ever get tired of YSL Touche Éclat? Dab some of this on under your eyes and at the sides of your nostrils that can tend to be red. If I am having some major issues, I use the Naked Skin applied with a brush, but the Touche Éclat usually does the trick.

+ I sweep the bronzer from this Naked Flushed set on my forehead and down around the sides of my face because I usually look pretty pale these days. This is probably the best bronzer I've ever used. It never goes on too dark or looks muddy. It gives a very natural color without looking too orange, brown or sparkly.

+ I blend the highlighter and blush from the same Naked Flushed set and apply to the apples of my cheeks. It's a nice blush color and it's made to work with the bronzer. The highlighter helps give my face a bit more glow than the blush does working alone.

+ I put a very small amount of Urban Decay Primer Potion on my eyelids, and use the reside on my fingers to dab the inside corners of my eyes. I didn't realize until I was searching for product photos for the collage below that this is actually a face primer, not just an eye primer. Oops!

+ For eyeshadow, I just choose a color from the ubiquitous Naked palette. I use Naked 2. After some research I found it was best for gals with brown hair and brown eyes, and it contains the most colors I will use day-to-day. I did find the accompanying brush to be pretty awful, so I use an old MAC one I have.

+ On most days I use black eyeliner or use a thin brush to line with some of the black or gunmetal from the eyeshadow palette to give my upper eyelids some definition. I don't like a lot and in the photo above, I'm not wearing any liner.

+ Oh mascara - you will be the bane of my existence. I can't find one I love! I want length that doesn't flake or run...but I don't like waterproof. Right now I'm using Benefit Roller Lash mascara and it's ok, although I probably won't purchase it again. I am forever on the hunt, so on to something new! I am really loving these Tarte lash fibers to add volume, although I'm not wearing any in the photo above. I use a light coat in between two coats of mascara and they don't flake off or look spidery.

+ There are so many lip colors I love - I've planned another post just to show you all my favorites. I am a connoisseur of everything from Revlon to Dior. Lip products are my favorite gifts to give or get!

I realized when going through my makeup for this post that I have a lot of Urban Decay products. That's not really intentional. I bought the eyeshadow palette (because duh) then got the makeup after reading reviews on Sephora. I saw the bronzer and blush set and it was a great buy....and it all just went from there.

While my routine is nothing ground-breaking, I hope I've introduced you to some products or techniques that work for you!