Baby #2: 24 Week Pregnancy Update & Photos

It's a....'nother Baby GIRL! According to all of my baby vs. food apps, she weighs a little over a pound and is about the size of an ear of corn.

I am absolutely loving how my body looks right now! For the most part, my body is still the same size, but now I have this cute little bump (although it is bigger than at this point in my pregnancy with Georgia). I've gained one or two pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. But I lost 10 pounds or more in my first trimester, so counting that, I've gained twelve pounds which is right on track.

I have some maternity clothes, but I still fit into my regular clothes too. I mainly like maternity leggings and workout clothes because they're not as tight. But as far as dresses and jeans go, I've been  wearing non-maternity.

I've bought a few things for the nursery, mostly organization products like toy bins. I've purchased one of the fabrics I want to use, and I'll be meeting with a designer soon to start designing the bedding. I've collected a few throw pillows in accent colors and I've saved plenty of products to Pinterest that are strong maybes for decor and accent. All I can say is this nursery will be completely different from Georgia's traditional girly pink toile. It's a little bit out of my decorating comfort zone, but I think it is all going to come together very well!

This little sugar bear moves all the time. Morning, noon, day, night. I don't know when she sleeps! I should probably be worried! She moves and kicks and makes my tummy bubble all day long. Georgia wasn't a mover, to the point where my doctor sometimes had me come in for extra checkups. And she was a very calm baby, never got extremely worked up and was just very curious and content, even as a tiny infant. Baby Sister might be our little wild child! It's going to be really fun for me to compare their different little personalities.

I do know one thing - she already loves Georgia. I can talk and sing all day long, but as soon as Georgia starts singing, the baby starts really moving. So Georgia has taken to putting her hands on my belly and singing lullabies to her at bedtime, a tradition I hope continues years into the future. Baby Sister also likes moving when she hears music!

The last three weeks have been great for me, health- and energy- wise. David's mom was here for a week, then my mom came for a week. I got lots of rest and my energy levels were great. I was able to take it pretty easy and get a lot of rest. I've been trying to keep that up with lots of sleep and naps during the day when I can. Staying rested is definitely a big contributing factor in how well I feel.

At my most recent appointment, my OB sent me to both a GI and prenatal nutritionist. They put me on a pretty strong regimen of prescription B-vitamins in addition to some reflux medications. I'm sure the vitamins are also helping with my energy. I'm also drinking mostly Gatorade. I hate the calories (and I don't like the taste of the zero-calorie version) but right now getting the electrolytes and staying hydrated are more important. I do still have a glass of sweet tea every day, but that's the only caffeine I'm allowed. I'm on a very low fat, low protein, high carb diet, which ordinarily I would love. But I miss cheese, although I do sneak some from time to time. I have to stay healthy because the next time I have a trip to the hospital, I will be hooked up to a feeding tube. I've googled and - nuh-uh, no way. Not gonna do that.

My first twenty weeks really flew by, but the last few have seemed to go so slowly. Although I can't wait to welcome the baby and hold her in my arms, I don't mind things creeping along right now. My body is comfortable, I still have a lot of things to get done before I feel prepared, and I'm enjoying these last months as our little family of three!