A Day In Our Life - Spring 2016

I love when others do these posts because, I'll go ahead and admit it, I'm nosey. I love to see how others spend a nice, normal day. I wanted to document an uneventful day with Georgia before Baby Sister shakes up our world because we have made it to the fun days! Four is perfect: she's independent; meltdowns, crying and tantrums are at a minimum; and these are the days I will never have again with my first baby while she's my only baby.

This was a great day. I was feeling great and able to do quite a bit. I know that I did get sick the following day which led to another hospital stay. But for the past two weeks I've been feeling mostly ok so we've gotten to have more days like this. When I'm sick, I am in bed and Georgia is either here with David, at a friend's house or watching a lot of TV.

 My day started with my 6 a.m. alarm. I grab a glass of sweet tea and snuggle back in bed to do my daily devotional. I'm working through this book and I absolutely love it! It's just perfect for moms of preschool and older.

Interrupted a few minutes in to send David a text....But by 6:30 I'm caffeinated and ready to work. I work a few hours a week for a wealth management firm. Right now I'm working on getting their client database up to date, labeling each client and tidying up data, which will make future communications and organization much easier. There's also a blog post that needs to be edited.

But I got a little distracted and want to finish booking the Disney cruise we have planned for next year. So I start researching state rooms to see which are closest to the elevators on the end of the ship with the restaurants and kid clubs, so we don't have to trek across the decks as much. Baby Sister will be 6 months old when we go. Should we take a stroller or just plan on using the Ergo carrier?

I let Georgia sleep in a few minutes while I start some laundry and get her up at 7:30. Our morning ritual is to snuggle in bed for about 15 minutes. Every single morning. My favorite part of the day! In fact, the first thing she says to me every morning is "Mommy, guess what our favorite time of the day it is?" I think she's gonna have my dimples.

At exactly 17 minutes later (7:47) she's settled in with some graham crackers + peanut butter and a glass of milk. This girl will eat peanut butter at every single meal if we let her!

It's Tuesday, which means the girls have show & tell! Today is "P" day and Georgia wants to take popcorn to share with her class, so I pop some up and make her lunch while she finishes breakfast and gets dressed.

At 8:20 we are ready to go, right on time!

 At 8:30 Miss Sassy wants her picture taken while we're walking into preschool. School is from 8:30 - 2 and I need to get some groceries and household items, so I head straight to Target after walking her to class.

I have a conference call at 9, so I put in my headphones and get down to business. With the call and with shopping.

By the time it's over at 9:30, we've talked social media strategy and my cart is overloaded with junk food and a few things I might use for the nursery or playroom. (wooden crates, pink storage bins, pillows are no longer available online) I lucked out because my Target mistakenly had some of the Pillowfort stuff marked as clearance (this was before it officially debuted). Score for me!

Right before I check out, I remember that Georgia has been asking for "this little purse notebook I saw at Target" so I decide to surprise her. Good thing because it's the last one! She's a little sweetheart after my own heart...loves office supplies!

When I get home a little before 10:30 it's time for brunch. I usually can't eat until now and I also have some sugary Dr. Pepper, I swear it helps calm my stomach sometimes. I grab a few quick Bagel Bites and then work for two hours.

At 12:30 I do a quick prenatal strength workout from YouTube.

When it's done I'm sweaty and feeling good, so I decide to go for a little walk around my neighborhood. It's beautiful out!

When I get back right before 1, FedEx has delivered my weekly Zofran pump supplies.

I change my pump site then hop in the shower - I have to insert the needle at a different spot 2-3 times a day and the sites stay red, itchy and swollen for a few days.

Zofran Pump Infusion Site

 At 1:50 I'm clean and ready to go pick up my Ladybug!

I can see a bump when I look down at my feet!

Georgia had a great day at school and her friends loved the popcorn!

 We get home, get her washed up and play a little. At 2:30 it's time for a snack. Georgia ate all of  her lunch, so I let her have a nutritious splurge on some "Chin-Cheetos" and chocolate milk. And I see those cereal boxes in the background that we forgot to take to school - oops!

While she's eating I go through her backpack. Anybody remember these? Book order days were my always a fun day for me growing up!

Georgia really wants an Inside Out book and CD set....

At 2:55 it's time for my second favorite part of the day - more cuddle time before a nap! So we head upstairs.

Georgia wants to sleep in the guest room so we take her pillows and loveys and get settled in with some books.

I nap for an hour until 4, then it's time for some laundry.

Then - ugh! - I decide to clean up my bedside area. I can't believe I'm showing this, but it is what it is! A big stack of books and a few package deliveries that have kept me occupied on days when I'm too sick to get out of bed. And some of Georgia's toys and craft supplies as some of these days she plays on the bed quite a lot to keep us both entertained.

At 5 this guy is home, which is early for him - a nice surprise for me! Georgia is still snoozing so we get to spend some time together.

He goes to get Georgia up and I fix myself a snack. I've been looking forward to some avocado toast practically all day. Unfortunately, I take one bite and start chewing, then start gagging and dry heaving, so no avocado today.

 At 6 we stroll over to the park and take a walk around the lake before dinner. I didn't photograph dinner, but I think I had rice cakes and maybe peanut butter while they had real food.

We watch some TV at 8 while David catches up on email or the Coachella line up, then we get Georgia bathed and ready for bed.

By 9 we are in bed with a story and her AWANA verse. We're a few weeks behind so playing catch up and doing two or three verses a week. She wanted me to ask you all why the stickers are chipmunks and not bears. (They actually are bears. I think.)

We sing our favorite songs to one another, get lots of snuggles and kisses, then it's lights out. I get in bed and read for an hour or so then it's lights out and nighty-night for me, too!