What's Up Wednesday

What We're Eating This Week
I still just don't have much of an appetite. Anytime I start craving something I normally eat, I take one bite, gag and have to spit it out. So I'm eating a lot of pasta with just a smidgen of sauce, rice cakes with peanut butter, and dry sugary cereal.  Applegate chicken & maple sausage is the only meat that sits well with me.

Since I'm not able to be in the same room as raw meat - or most cooked meat, for that matter - David and Georgia eat a lot of steak. A few baked pork chops here and there, but mostly steak. And she will eat her weight in a good steak!

What I'm Reminiscing About
My teeny-tiny Georgia! I pulled out a couple bins of newborn clothes to see what I wanted to get out for Baby Sister and memories attached to certain outfits came right to me. Georgia only wore this twice. Once to meet my dad for the first time and another to Piper's baptism. Both were such good memories. The night before Piper's baptism was one of the first times Georgia literally kept me up all night. David was out of town and I remember feeling so tired - but we survived and hopefully I'll survive Baby Munn 2.

What I'm Loving
Not being sick! After spending almost every day since Thanksgiving in bed, I am loving my handy-dandy, super-stylish FANNY PACK that carries my med pump. I'm attached to this thing 24 hours a day, which can be a pain, but I feel like I'm alive again! Update: I wrote this Tuesday evening...by 11 p.m. I was sick, up all night and sick all day Wednesday. So there's that.

What I've Been Up To
I got my fanny pack / med pump a few weeks ago and had to take it pretty easy for a couple of weeks to recover from the past three months of basically only being out of the bed or off the couch for a couple of hours each day. Some days I got my energy back and it's been great! I exercised a bit and I've been a cleaning, organizing, decluttering machine around this house. If it's in my way, it's going in the trash!

What I'm Dreading
Doing our taxes. I just need to get started and it won't take that long, but the thought of gathering up receipts and files from three different computers and here and there and everywhere they are stashed all over the house is daunting. We do get 3 extra days this year! Taxes aren't due until April 18.

What I'm Working On
I've been working my rear off for for my clients! I finished up taxes for one fun group, now I'm spending a ton of time on data clean up and organization for another. I try to keep it to just working two hours a day, but lately it's been 3-5 every single day (except on "sick days").
Photo via cruisemates.com

What I'm Excited About
Our Disney cruise! We are taking the girls (can't believe I'm going to have two sweet girls!) next January, right after Baby Sister turns six months old, which is the minimum age Disney allows. I've had so much fun researching and planning, just need to click GO and book it later this week!

What I'm Watching/Reading
Oh my gosh! This blog sucked me in! She no longer posts regularly, but you have to go back and read it from the beginning. It's like a living novel! The first post was the day of her husband's funeral. He committed suicide in front of their two young children and the night before the funeral her house was robbed at gunpoint. As unbelievable as it sounds...yes this really did happen. She dropped a few hints here and there, and with the help of Mr. Google, I was able to verify that she is a real person and I verified some of the important stuff (husband, death, kids).

It is just so real and raw. I spent a lot of time with tears in my eyes just praying for anyone having to go through losing a spouse to suicide. I've never experienced the emotions she went through and I pray I never do, but it was quite amazing to be let in on such primal stages of grief.

What I'm Listening To
With all of the Mardi Gras festivities of the past few weeks I have been obsessed with my Mardi Gras in New Orleans Pandora station. I typically love this type of music anyway, but it's even better this time of year. The station features a lot of my favorite bands like Rebirth, Dirty Dozen and Professor Longhair.
One week ago, at 19 weeks

What I'm Wearing
I'll tell ya what I need to be wearing. Maternity pants, that's what. I'm not sure why it's such a point of pride for women to "still fit" into their non-maternity jeans. I'm just being cheap and was hoping it would warm up soon enough so that I wouldn't have to buy any maternity jeans. My regular pants still feel comfortable. But I caught a side view of myself and whoa Nelly! Rather than working with my tummy, they're sitting right under it and I look like I have a beer belly!

What I'm Doing This Weekend
Hmm, let's see. Hopefully not a lot! I feel like we've been so busy lately that I'm just looking forward to hanging out at home. We're in the middle of redecorating the living room, I would love to make progress on that. And I also need to get in contact with the woman I've contracted to make nursery bedding, choose fabric for nursery drapes....maybe I need to make a to do list.

What I'm Looking Forward To
I'm looking forward to next week when David's mom is coming to visit for a week. Georgia has no idea and she's going to be thrilled! I really love my in laws and especially enjoy spending time with them, so it will be a fun week.
Jackie & Georgia, cheer BFFs at Cheer America Nationals

What Else Is New
Just trying to keep afloat of managing a busy preschooler's playdate and activity schedule, keep the house somewhat presentable, and get enough rest. Not much else to talk about!

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