Fat Tuesday

Growing up in Oklahoma, Mardi Gras was just something we heard about in New Orleans that, should you ever go, your momma had better not find out about it! I also grew up Baptist, so we didn't really have much to do with Ash Wednesday or Lent, either.

Our Mardi Gras wreath - made by yours truly. All of the beaded items and doubloons are from the last Mardi Gras we attended.
But moving to Houston where I have a lot of Catholic and native Louisiana friends, and marrying a boy from Mobile (did you know the first American Mardi Gras was actually in Mobile, not Nola?) changed all of that. Some of David's friends are on a krewe, and even when we're not able to go celebrate with them, we try to keep up some of the traditions here at home.

My favorite has to be Fat Tuesday. I mean, who doesn't want to gorge themselves on fatty, delicious Cajun and seafood and hurricanes? It's the real first excuse to blow all of the healthy New Year's Resolutions in the name of religion!

I love King Cake (which also originated in Alabama). Especially one with pralines or cream cheese. Georgia loves finding out who has the baby and we all enjoy sharing the tradition by having friends over to join us. This year we are lucky enough to have scored a cake from Gambino's (thanks Allison!).

I always like the idea of sacrificing for Lent, too, although I've only participated once or twice. I'm not sure I have this tradition down correctly, but from my non-coastal-Southern-Baptist upbringing, I think it's a wonderful idea to give up a habit that might be particularly difficult and hopefully drawing closer to God to help you.

Ever since this beginning of this pregnancy, I have gone for a breakfast taco and sweet tea every morning that I'm able to drive. I can't stomach eating anything at home, but for some reason a flour tortilla with eggs, cheese and hot sauce doesn't upset my stomach. Or maybe it's the amount of syrupy sweet tea that I wash it down with.

Anyway, since now I have a Zofran pump and I'm at the point where I can eat a little more variety - and I'm able to make sweet tea at home....I'm vowing to give up driving to McDonald's or Torchy's for my fix every morning. I'm going to spend the twenty minutes it usually takes to read my Bible and finish one of the various Bible study books I've started. God be with me as I try to adjust! It might take some praying to get over these cravings!

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