Best Day Ever!

Last Friday was one of the rare days I woke up feeling great. I haven't had very many days this pregnancy where I've felt like getting out of bed, much less leaving the house. I also realize that I only have six months to enjoy with Georgia as an only child, so we took advantage of it.

A local skating rink (on Dairy Ashford if you're Houston) has "toddler skate" on Friday mornings. It's for all kids ages five and under. Most of the kids brought ride on toys or tricycles, but Georgia and her friend Scarlett M. came to skate!

I was a little worried because Georgia isn't the most adventurous or daring little girl. But I told her no crying or we will go right home, and she jumped right in. 

After skating with what she called her "wheelchair" for a couple of hours, she decided to try it on her own and did great! No tears when she fell down either, I was so proud of her for getting right back up and trying again!

She'd had such a big time skating and said she was craving "Mexican steak" so we headed to Pappasito's so she could get some fajitas. After that, we went to the American Girl store and browsed for over an hour. She loved it! She's trying to decide which doll and accessories she wants for her birthday. She finally decided that she couldn't decide - so she needs a "whole community of American Girls". Oh dear.

While she was using the restroom at AG I snapped this quick picture. I was 14w1d and I can't believe I already have such a tummy! I noticed my shirt was really short, so I skipped next door and picked up a cute long sleeve maternity tee from Old Navy. Otherwise, no maternity clothes yet. I initially lost quite a bit of weight in my hips and tummy, so my jeans are actually a little too big right now. I'm hoping I can hold off until it's warm and not have to buy maternity jeans this time around.

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