Life Lately In Photos

There were a couple of extremely busy weeks with lots of outside commitments, but we still made time to make cupcakes. And to enjoy licking the batter.

My friends got such a kick out of this! Georgia drew me at school. "Look mommy! Stripes!"

Preschool OOTD.

First Halloween outfit of the season.

We did a trial run at camping before we committed to packing everything in the car and driving to a real camping spot. Good thing we did, too. Because I was back inside, in my comfy bed, by 11:45 p.m. Everyone else survived, though! We got as legit as possible, making S'mores inside on the stove.

This goofball! We stopped to order a quick drink and instead of asking for lemonade, Georgia said "I'll have a steak, please!"

Georgia's friend Jackie turned four and the birthday party was a big hit. This summer Jackie went with us to see a Barbie Rocking Royals concert and she loved Georgia's Courtney Barbie. She was thrilled to get her own, and now they can play together. With two singing Barbies instead of one. Really though, a fun Christmas gift if your little likes Barbies because you can watch concert videos on YouTube (or the movie on Amazon) and the songs the doll sings are actually pretty catchy.

It's finally getting cool enough for Georgia to wear the Janie & Jack equestrian outfits I posted about earlier. We decided to just use a regular grosgrain bow instead of this headband, the headband doesn't really hold her bangs out of her face.

This poor gal! She came from the Dollar Tree and Georgia calls her "Break Apart Barbie" because you can just take her arms, legs and head off and put them right back on. Georgia brought her down all dressed up, as you can see, and told me she was ready for a Junior League meeting, ha!!

We got invited to Piada Street Food's soft opening and all three of us really liked it! I had the chicken piada which I was really impressed with. Georgia had spaghetti.

We got to go visit a local Middle School whose volleyball team raised quite a bit of money for a breast cancer fund. Georgia was pretty much in awe of the cafeteria and multiple gyms.

We always try to get to ballet a little early so she can watch the big girls practice their solos.

She's getting ready for a mini tap recital. This routine is to the song Sugar Sugar and they also have a Halloween-themed dance.

Georgia had a great time partying at Carly's fifth birthday party! Here she is with Addison and Allyson.

The girls all got their hair, makeup and nails done rockstar style then had a runway show and concert for us!

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