Janie & Jack Fall 2015 Boy and Layette Items

Some of you fellow shoppers begged for the boy and layette SKUs. I planned to post Thursday night, but I got a serious case of food poisoning and I'm just now getting back to life.

Here are some of the items. There are a lot more, just posting those that I think will be favorites!

Halloween SKUs - I'm really not crazy about any of these, but the Halloween lines are usually pretty popular. I have an orange sweater dress from a year or two ago that I bought ahead for pumpkin patch pictures.

Janie & Jack Fall SKUs - Boy - What do you boy moms think of these? I'm just not loving it, but then again I don't have to dress a boy. I liked so much of the summer stuff that this feels like a bit of a letdown.

Janie & Jack Fall SKUs - Layette - I like baby clothes that look really babyish, and I'm not totally sure how I feel about these. But like the boy items, I don't have any reason to shop this section except for gifts. Maybe I'm just feeling really pessimistic today?

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