Alamo Draft House / Houston Restaurant Week

David and I had a movie date night earlier this weekend to see the new Vacation. We loved it, despite the so-so reviews! Ed Helms was the perfect Rusty, but it made me sad to see that cool guy Russ had grown up to be a little dorky. Because it made me realize I had grown up to be less cool than I thought I'd be...

We celebrated Houston Restaurant Week at Alamo Draft House. You should see if your city has a Restaurant week, most do and the proceeds benefit local charities. In Houston, dinners are $35 or $45 (depending on the restaurant) and $5/$7 of that goes directly to the Houston food bank. I love helping out the Food Bank and I also love getting to try special menus and new places.

First, can I just say what a great concept the Draft House has going on? I'd heard a lot about it, but thought it was just a movie theater with more food than the usual popcorn, nachos and candy. Nope! You go in, sit down, get a menu and a waiter, and get to pig out on good food while you watch a movie - just like at home! If you want a refill on your drink or popcorn, or want to order something else, you just write it on the little notecard and stand it up on your table and your waiter will pop right over.

I really loved the ambience of the Katy location. It was like a small hometown theater, and reminded me a lot of the Sci-Fi Drive-In Diner at Hollywood Studios. Except we got to watch an entire real movie. You can also arrive early and enjoy a drink or two at the bar in the lobby.

The Alamo Draft House's Restaurant Week Menu includes admission to the movie of your choice, three courses and a second ticket so you can return to see another movie whenever you'd like!

Between the two of us, we sampled quite a few different things, and of course I tried a drink off the cocktail menu (the Blue Hawaii, it was pretty good, but the Clooney was voted Houston's best margarita so try that one if you like margaritas). Here's what we had:

  • Bottomless Herb Parmesan Popcorn - Because you must have popcorn during a movie! I would ask for melted butter and quite a bit extra herb cheese. It comes in a little container for you to sprinkle on, and the bucket is huge!
  • Roasted Tomato and Bacon Chutney - I loved this! It had a kind of tangy-smoky taste. And I dipped some popcorn in it after all the crostini was gone.
  • Torch Burger - I had the veggie version since I don't eat beef and it was so, so, so good! I love spice, but I ended up taking about half the jalapeños off after a few bites. The burger was huge and I totally recommend it as your second course.
  • The Thing Calzone - David had this and ate it all. I tried it, but it really wasn't my style. Or maybe I was just so enamored with my burger that it just didn't measure up.
  • Maker's Mark Milk Punch - We both had this shake, but there were several adult shakes to choose from. I made fun of David when his first drink was followed by "Whoa." Then I took a drink of mine. Yep, whoa. But in a really good way!
If you haven't yet celebrated Houston Restaurant Week, or if you want to go again, I highly suggest a fun date at the Alamo Draft House! I really loved the experience and the food was great. Georgia and I are taking her friend Cooper to a kid movie today. I'll report back on how the bottomless lemonade works out for us.

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