Whitney English Day Designer for Blue Sky / Target Review

I was lucky enough to get my hands on several of these pretties a couple of weeks ago, and I have been planning a vlog so you all could see the features as I describe them. Unfortunately, the same day I cleared out my Target of all Whitney English - oops! I mean picked up a few extras for friends! - I came down with a sinus infection. It quickly turned into bronchitis and I haven't had a voice since the first week of July. Probably nice for David and Georgia, but not so great for vlogging.

These babies are on sale at Target now, but the three I've gone to were completely sold out. Before July 12, which is the date they were supposed to be put on the shelves. So you may want to grab one online before they're gone for real! (Full honestly disclosure: I did buy seven planners before my Target put them out, kept one and sold the rest to friends at my cost. My Target had at most five of each design.)

If you've ever owned or lusted after the somewhat pricey (but from what I've heard, completely worth it) Day Designer by Whitney English, you will love these. Prices start at around $10. I'm currently using the "most expensive" $19 version and it has the exact same calendar features as Whitney's original design at a third of the price.

I am incredibly impressed with the paper quality and sturdiness of the gold binding, especially for this price point. I've been using my fine tip Bics and Sharpies with no bleed through.

Each planner includes a mini version of the original Day Designer's Design Your Life pages. They're helpful for goal setting and keeping your priorities on track. You can buy the original version as well as a how-to webcast on etsy.

This is the medium sized planner which several of my friends love. It has a thick plastic cover similar to the one on Plum Paper planners.

All planners are tabbed and include a monthly view, with a notes page on front of the monthly view.

I really loved this mini version of the original Day Designer's pages, including inspirational, get-to-business quotes. You can see that July 1 is torn out of this. I had planned on using this planner only to find that I'm busier than I thought. I needed more space for my to do list (bummer) and space for notes.
This version is medium sized (larger than the black and white) with a sturdy board cover, and the corners are reinforced. It's my favorite cover!

This planner has a weekly view that is perfect for moms or those of you who work a job that's pretty calm - not too many meetings - since it doesn't have a lot of room for notes or to do lists.

I'm posting from my iPad and can't get this annoying photo to rotate, so I'll make note (in my Day Designer!) to do that later. It has the same sturdy cover as the gold stripe version, but it's quite a bit bigger. I'd use this as a desk version, but it's too big for a purse for my liking.


This is a column version that a lot of us Erin Condren and Plum Paper addicts are used to. Rather than sections, it has hourly slots, which is very nice.

This is the version I ended up keeping for my desk calendar. I love the gold stripes, but it does have the plastic cover rather than a hard binding. Since it's a daily view and thicker than the others, this is OK by me. I think I'd eventually get annoyed by the bulkiness when flipping pages back and forth.

This is the daily view in the gold stripe planner. It's so similar to the original Day Designer! I have ample room to pour all the information from my brain into one page so I don't forget anything. I do still use this in conjunction with my Plum Paper weekly, and I have a post coming up to show you how I keep my busy days manageable.

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