New Starbucks App Feature - Faster Free Drinks!

Free Starbucks
Photo borrowed from Coupon Mamacita.

I have earned seven - yep seven! - drinks since my post about how to earn a ton of free Starbucks "stars" for free drinks. The more you use the app, the more offers they send. So while I may really want a frappucino, if buying an iced macchiato will earn two extra stars, I get that drink instead. They also occasionally send a survey about your last visit (one star) or dashes, like making three purchases in five days (six extra stars). See below on earning double stars with only one drink!

The best thing Starbucks has done for my life, other than the obvious: making me a better mommy in the mornings, is their development of a mobile ordering app. Yep! Before I hop in my car, when leaving the grocery store, or while I wait in line at the bank drive through, I can have my Starbucks order already going.

The app pulls up surrounding stores, gives you the drive time, and the time estimated for your drink to be finished. For example, if I check in while checking out at the grocery store the app tells me "seven minute drive time, 5-6 minutes for drink". I pay on my app then hop out at Starbucks and my drink is waiting on the counter, just as if I'd ordered from the regular line.

I've also found that I can customize my drinks way more, without sounding like a medium maintenance frappe snob. At least in person.

And I sometimes order two drinks on two separate transactions. My drink and either a hot chocolate or chocolate milk for Georgia. I actually emailed Starbucks customer care, and they told me that you can only earn one star per transaction and to make separate purchases. Which can be a tad bit annoying when ordering in person.

This month, Starbucks is giving double stars!!! for every mobile app order!!! So my frappucino + chocolate milk three times = one free drink! Make sure to go here and sign up for the mobile app.

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