Independence Day 2015 with Video

I was going to write about the spectacular fireworks show that my neighborhood put on, but then this happened.

We live right across the street from an amazing park. Three beautiful picnic pavilions, playground, lots of space for the dogs to run, and gorgeous old pecan trees. But the pavilions and playground are no more - at least for the next....I'm not sure how long.

Apparently some kids were setting off fireworks way too close to the pavilions. I read on our Facebook page that used fireworks were left in a trash can and caught fire. The picture of the flames was taken around 6 a.m. It took awhile because we didn't hear any fireworks after around midnight.

I'm so sad! You can see the melted slide in the background. I'm also pretty mad. I'm guessing this will increase our homeowner's association dues unless some kind of property insurance covers this. The kind of funny part is that they left all sorts of trash, and the man who went over early Sunday morning to clean it up said they also left some identifying information. He turned it in, so I hope the authorities are able to use it.

Now, onto the more fun stuff! The Mullins invited us over to watch their neighborhood parade, spend some time grilling, and float in the pool. The parade was a small town type with the mayor and fire marshals riding in convertibles, floats made by the Cub Scouts and decorated bikes. I loved it! It reminds me of home, and I so want to organize one in our neighborhood next year.

These two fight like an old married couple. Which is great because Georgia already tells everyone that she's "gonna marry Cooper Mawlins".

Little brother Graham gets a ride.

I bought this linen dress last year at Old Navy. Similar and cuter here, here (also in plus sizes) and here.

I got diagnosed Thursday with a sinus infection. My eyes are so swollen! 

Not sure if this is American or Hitler.

I love this one!

 And here is just one of the floats.

After swimming for quite awhile at the Mullins, we came home and all took naps. I took some allergy medicine then a nap. I probably shouldn't have spent all day outside.

But it wouldn't be Fourth of July without a live fireworks show, and I had heard the one in our neighborhood was pretty amazing. We've never gone before because we usually spend the Fourth with my aunt and uncle. The news said more than 10,000 people attended our show! Mind you, this is not our town's show or the baseball team's extravaganza - but one done by our little subdivision! Parts of it were as good as the Magic Kingdom firework show, I'm not kidding!

Before the fireworks, there was a band. David caught Georgia dancing her way around the playground and got a quick video. If you watch to the end, you will see her slap a little boy on the rear end! What? I don't know where she got that! I'm not sure what we're gonna do with this girl.

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