Weekend Recap / What We Wore / Hanky Panky $10 Sale!

Thursday morning and this is just now getting posted? See below on the new computer!!! that I haven't yet mastered + a kid with a stomach virus....again. For the second time in two weeks. Poor girl.

We were up early on Saturday to monitor the flood status since we are only a couple of miles from the Brazos River bridge. One of the tiny towns near us had mandatory evacuations, but David deemed that our neighborhood would be safe. I trust him, but I was still glad I stocked up on library books, just in case.

If you are the praying kind, please pause right now to send up some prayers for the families who have had to worry about the water. There are still several people missing and dozens of people have died in  Texas flooding since Memorial Day weekend. As of Wednesday evening, there were still two children missing, also mothers, fathers, grand parents. Pray for comfort of those who are still waiting and those who have major home damage.

Saturday afternoon, Georgia and I headed into Houston, near our old neighborhood, to celebrate Harper's second birthday. It was such a cute theme! "Let's Flamingle" with some amazing cookies and strawberry-lavander cupcakes.

Afterward, we went to Rice Village for a little walking and shopping. I picked up some earrings and a necklace from Lily Rain (above). We stopped for dim sum but it didn't really hit the spot. Give me some dumplings and shrimp shu mai and I'm pretty happy, but this one just didn't do it for me. Surprisingly, Georgia liked the shu mai but wanted nothing to do with the BBQ pork buns.

Payless Shoes, no longer available

We went to church Sunday, and later that afternoon David and Georgia went out to lunch with some friends from our Sunday School class. I'm [trying to be] on a cut-the-calories-and-eat-healthy plan so I stayed home. I worked out and caught up on some stuff around the house.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the weekend happened Sunday evening. I got a new computer! An iMac! I was so excited I took it right out of the box and set it up on our dining table. Don't worry, I'm moving it upstairs to my office as soon as I disassemble the old one. Computers are so easy nowadays. One cord, no wires. And I can tell how low my phone battery is by looking at my computer screen. Who could have imagined things would ever get this fancy?

I did have some problems getting the mac connected to our wi fi. It connects to our neighbor's quicker than it picks up ours. Any solutions? And loading seven email and calendar accounts (seriously!) was a HUGE pain. It took hours because of some little quirks that I finally resolved using apple's help forum. (I have my personal email, work, Junior League, two separate client accounts, and my client's two accounts that I have access to.) After getting all of the calendars on here (they're thankfully all combined via sharing) I decided to just keep using Google for them. It's much easier to just log in there since all of our calls are on Hangout and we link files from our Google docs to meeting requests.

The real main event of the weekend was watching one of my best friends, Ashley, on Cutthroat Kitchen! She wouldn't give me any hints or details, so I was pretty excited all day. She was funny and I thought she did a good job just from watching. The judge loved her grilled chicken and his only complaint was that it didn't have enough sauce. But she got sent home in the first round??? Before someone who served guacamole and brussels sprouts on the same plate? I got mad and turned the TV off. Ugh! Poor Ashley but I know it was a fun experience for her.

Here are some outfit snaps from this week:

Necklace from Lily Rain in Houston
Similar Denim Jacket (I bought mine five years ago)
Similar Kate Spade Loafers, better version here! (my exact style no longer available)

A bunch of friends and I just went crazy and I'm surprised they haven't sold out yet. Hanky Panky undies on sale for under $10! Cosabella for $12!

I have some fun posts planned, including more reviews of the 21 Day Fix DVDs and hopefully making a quick YouTube to show you some new products I'm using. So stay tuned!

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