Weekend Recap / Photos

This is cheer. And Georgia loves it! My mom took this a couple of weeks ago when she was visiting. We aren't allowed in the gym, so this was through the window. I wish you could see the HUGE smile on her face!

A little girl a few inches smaller than Georgia joined cheer a couple of weeks ago, and Georgia has gotten to practice basing as well as flying. She told me she likes getting picked up but she really likes picking up the other little girl too. I think our first competition is in September-ish. They started on choreography two weeks ago and I'm so excited to see the final routine!

Skirt is from Posh Pickle. Cheer shirt is from Chuy's.

I also love that my little girly-girl sometimes goes tomboy on us. She had her Rapunzel wand when we headed out to grab lunch. I asked if she really wanted to take her wand in, we might forget and leave it, and I got this look and "This is not a wand! It is a sword!"

Ever since the Tiana movie, Georgia has been obsessed with waitressing. Which is actually pretty nice. I sit down to eat and forget a napkin or I need a refill of water - I don't have to lift a finger! Mimi and PopPop sent this adorable costume and she's been wearing it nonstop. It even has a little menu and green guest check!

Saturday night we all went to see Inside Out (totally cute by the way, but it might make you cry!!). During the previews I glanced over and was shocked to see that finally, after four years, Georgia has big-girl hair. It's gotten so thick! 

I've been on the lookout for some hot pink earrings to wear for Sugar Plum Market photos. I didn't want to commit to the Kendra Scott triangles I love in a color I might not wear that often. I picked up these steals at Nordstrom, and luckily for you they are both in stock online! For $8 shipped, you really can't pass them up! 

I was finishing up some work and this blog post while Georgia was finishing up lunch and she asked me to post the "really long curly hair cheese" strands she found. So here ya go!

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