Lately / Stormy Long Weekend

We are thankfully safe and sound from this week's storms. My hometown was hit by tornadoes, but everyone seems to be ok. My sister's back porch was torn from her house and delivered in a nearby field. I'm so grateful they just happened to be away from home when the storm came. I can't imagine the terror that just the noise would have caused, not to mention shaking walls. I'm just so thankful they had left the house earlier and weren't stranded there.

My heart goes out to those who are saying goodbye to loved ones this week or who are still prayerfully hoping for a safe return. The devastation is heartbreaking.

Last week one of my best friends came over with cupcakes and candles so Georgia could have a small celebration to kick off Memorial Day weekend.

We woke up Monday itching to get out of the house so headed to my aunt and uncle's house out in the country. We made a pit stop to buy supplies for homemade peach ice cream and spent the rest of the day relaxing

We got a full day of fun, sun and food in, and a bit of the Rockets game before all of our phones started alerting us like crazy. We were three counties away from our home and everything surrounding our house and my family's property was under flood and/or tornado warnings.

So what's a girl to do, besides learn to play checkers? 

Can't you tell that she's the one giving the lesson here?
(And oooh, how many naps did I take on that couch when I was pregnant? It seems like I was there every week. And then again with a newborn.)

We were fine after the cable went out (the TV - is it still called that, or am I showing age here?) because we had Sweet Little Miss to entertain us. She put on dance shows and made us all cookies.

I ran outside to snap a picture as my uncle was letting the horses out and moving all our cars into the barn. Did you know livestock is usually safer than we are in a storm?

It went from calm weather to ominous within minutes. 

Georgia and I went to bed around 10 and I had no way of knowing how Houston was impacted. I was shocked to see the pictures and videos the next day. Our suburb got over 10 inches of rain in six hours. I'm so glad we didn't have to wait it out at home!

We did make it to Target to pick up provisions. And glitter nail polish. Just in case we get stuck inside with no electricity.

You know I'm a sucker for seersucker, and this little sailboat outfit looks way more expensive than it is. (Bonus - It's on clearance online!) There's actually a lot of nautical themed outfits on sale online, just search for Carter's then narrow down by gender and size.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't have a huge sense of humor. But I always find a shirt to laugh at in Target lately. I didn't take a picture, but "There's no way you woke up like that" might be my fave yet. And I have the "Clothes Before Bros". Wear it to the gym and as a swim cover. I'm probably going to go back and get TROPHY for the gym - I love irony.

Alright. So. Lastly, I couldn't find a willing model in the men's department. But they have these linen shorts in pink, grey, natural, light blue and navy. They're only $25 and if you grab that little eyelet Janie & Jack outfit I blogged about, half the family will be all set for beach pictures!

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