It's Georgia's Birthday Week!

Can you believe that she is turning FOUR?

You all followed along with my pregnancy and I had so much fun sharing it with you. It was tough, very tough, and I didn't share the bad parts with you. But I would do it all over again just to have this angel here with me.

(I just went through my pregnancy photos and yes, it's possible to be "three weeks pregnant". I've gotten asked that question and due to medical issues I knew I was pregnant before it is possible for most women to find out. I thought I may have had implantation bleeding and had to go to the doctor ASAP. It was confirmed by a blood test but the doctor didn't call it an actual pregnancy at that point. There was just a tiny possible dot on the ultrasound between four and five weeks. We saw a heartbeat and the doctor confirmed pregnancy at around six weeks. Yep. At the doctor three weeks in a row that early. Ultrasounds were never fun for me though.)

I still remember when my water broke. I was actually writing this post about her nursery, and it happened at about 9:30 on a Wednesday night...which was four years ago today. I went to the hospital Thursday morning, was admitted around noon (after begging to be allowed lunch at a restaurant!) and had her at 1:15 Friday. Yes, almost 40 hours of labor but it wasn't awful. It was all back labor and I could handle the pain. As soon as I got what I thought to be a "real" contraction, in the front, I got an epidural within a few minutes. It was about 11 hours before she was born, early in the morning, so fortunately the anesthesiologist was able to come right away when I asked for it.

She had her birthday pictures taken. I haven't gotten the CD yet, but here are a few screen shots for you. She has grown into such a beautiful, sweet, and graceful little girl!

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