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Georgia's birthday has come and gone and surprisingly, there were no tears from me. Seeing her so excited and telling everyone we saw "I'm FOUR today" while holding up four little fingers forced me to be happy about my baby getting older.

But it's not over! As every mom of young children knows, the birthday hasn't happened until the party has been thrown. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for us, her birthday party will be in a couple of weeks. Georgia has been asking for a Rainbows and Unicorns party for the last six months, so rainbows and unicorns it shall be! I have some ideas on a Pinterest board, but since we're having it at a party venue, I'm not going to go all out. My friend Meredith designed some invitations that Georgia loves and I'll do a couple of little DIY things for the cake table.

So now -  onto the important topics for the weekend. Like FREE STARBUCKS! What??

I have exclusively used my Starbucks card (aka a gift card that I keep reloading over and over) for years now. I don't actually carry a card anymore, it's all on my Starbucks app. When I get down to a $2 balance, I just click to reload it. This way, for every twelve drinks I buy, I get one free. It doesn't sound like a lot, but I get at least one free drink every month.

I also get emails from time to time to help earn extra stars, to get me a free drink faster. For example, once every six weeks or so, I'll get a one minute survey to fill out for a free star.

This week I got an email letting me know that I have EIGHT referral codes to send to friends for a FREE DRINK. The catch is that it's only good for new users who don't yet have a card (or anyone who wants to set up a new user account, I guess). Click on the code, download the app, put a few $ on a card drink for you!

And listen to this! Since they just came out with the new mini sizes, Starbucks has a program going on for the next few days where you can earn free drinks extra fast. I've earned three this week - maybe I should be ashamed of that. You automatically get FOUR EXTRA stars (that's five starts per drink total) when you buy a mini Smores or Caramel Ribbon Crunch frappuccino. And if you rack up five mini purchases by June 5, you get something like an extra eight stars. So if my math is correct, load a new card using the code, buy 5 minis (around $4 each) and end up with 4 or 5 FREE drinks of your choice. You can't really beat that!

UPDATE: Just got an email and had to post for you. may 23-25 buy two drinks, get the third for free! Take your honey out for a coffee date and get one for the road.

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