Fairy Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

Last week we did a Fairy Photo Shoot with Peek A Whoo Photography in Pasadena, and I'm loving the sneak peek they posted!

Sheena does a different mini session every month and builds her own sets and backdrops. This one was done in a park, but Sheena the made costumes, crowns, wings and other props to fit the theme. I was really happy with our Christmas photos and the creative setup, and I knew she would do something really fun for fairies.

These sessions went so fast that she opened up ten more spots for June 14. If you're in the Houston area it's totally worth driving out to Pasadena for pictures (and lunch at one of the few Houston area Long John Silver's - yes! I'm serious!!). You can sign up on the Peek A Whoo Photography Facebook page. You can bring your own outfits, and a lot of the models did, but I wanted something completely different that we wouldn't be able to recreate.

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