Prayers and God's Love

I am writing today's post with such a heavy heart.

I had drafted an update on us, all happy stuff, and planned on sharing our Easter photos.

Then I posted a Facebook status pertaining to Easter and then felt compelled to share it, instead.

I sat down for a quick glance at Facebook before folding laundry to see my friend Ali asking for everyone who knows her to please pray for her six week old son and to "please pray and don't stop praying".

I said a five second prayer and in those five seconds, she updated that Shepard had just passed away.

I don't know God's reasoning and since I know I never will, I won't even waste time trying to understand this. I only know that He works in strange ways sometimes and there has to be a why for this somewhere out there. I pray that He is using Shepard's tiny little life to somehow work in the lives of others.

As for my Facebook post, for some strange reason, I'm feeling like there is an odd reason why it's almost 4 pm and I hadn't yet written this blog post.

I've known since I was little what Easter is all about. But this year, I FELT it. As Georgia gets older, we only become closer. I cannot IMAGINE how it would feel to give her up, to watch people torture her, to watch her die in agony. There's just no way. I would put myself into danger before I let her, my nieces and nephews, my friends' kids...probably just any kid I saw, get hurt. God did all of that for US. We will never know, we can't know, just how much He gave for us - there's no way I can even fathom it because it's something I couldn't do. He gave his only child, the biggest sacrifice I can think of, for us, people who can never fully appreciate it, so that WE can live in peace forever.

I think of sweet Ali and what she must be going through and feeling right now, less than an hour after her life was turned upside down. I can't even begin to imagine it or put my place in her shoes. But I know that she is a Christian and I know that God will eventually cover her in peace and strength to get through this and hopefully give her an inkling, even a fleeting feeling, of the why. I know she's asking it right now because I am.

If you are a believer, please lift them up to God. Pray that they will just be able to give it all to God.

If you haven't yet experienced God's love, peace and sacrifice, and you are curious, unsure or would like to know more, please email me or get in touch with someone you are comfortable with. I can't answer all questions, but I can share what I know and how God reached out to me to show me that he is REAL.