MIA / Much On Plate

Wow - I didn't mean to go completely AWOL on this blog gig. I remember having to take a day off to clean the house before my mom got here, then Georgia got sick and it took forever to get in the groove of regular life. Then, then, then...so much.

Seriously. This was my calendar last week. The boxes at the bottom are what I had planned for dinner. Everything else lists places I had to be. Not things to do, but be present, perky and accounted for.

I was asked to be next year's Junior League Secretary! Complete surprise because I loved my placement as Raffle Co-Chair on Sugar Plum Market and was ready to beat the amount we raised last year. And surprising because I usually get asked to do accounting or numbers stuff....and I have no desire to be the treasurer of anything.

This kicked off a series of email inundation and wow. I feel like I have so much to catch up on and learn! And meetings, meetings, meetings. I love meetings and I love buying new dresses for meetings. But shopping + meetings took up a lot of time. And no, shopping isn't listed as a required appointment on my calendar! I just had to work it in.

And then, because I love Sugar Plum Market so much, next year's President asked me to be the Board Liaison. It is super fun getting a behind the scenes look at the year-long planning that goes into a two-day event. I am getting to be involved in every last detail.

And then, I somehow remembered that I was the Chair for the Child Advocates Spring Gala VIP Party. So - on the ball with that. I went last week to see the gorgeous mansion where the VIP Party will be held, and wow. I live in a little suburb of around 90,000. I can't believe that such amazing houses are just a few miles away from our humble abode. The husband was just sitting at their outdoor bar (which rivals that of nicer restaurants) while we led the photographer around for press photos. What a life, huh?!?

Oh yeah, I'm coordinating volunteers from 9-5 the day of the actual Gala. Then running home to change into a formal dress so I can go back and have fun.

This weekend was our annual Spring Fling. I only stayed a couple of hours because I had to go pick up the leftover clothes that didn't sell at an annual consignment sale. Bad planning on my part, but I had to wear my sequins and heels to haul it all out to the car. 

I was a little bummed that I didn't stay around to watch all of the BIG live bidding action. I bid a few hundred dollars on a couple of items on the bid boards. I like to get things kicked off, but I think these items probably went way above my price range. Last year Shaquille O'Neal came and people were bidding thousands for him to sign a basketball. It goes 100% to local charities, but eeeks! A little out of my range. And what would I do with a basketball anyway?

So in the middle of all of this I must have gone crazy. I got a job. Rather, two of them. 

I had been thinking for awhile that I wanted to do something professional, but a bit outside my norm, not in finance. I made a list of requirements and ideas - definitely part time, working from home as much as possible, with a possibility of moving to full time when Georgia is in school full time (after this coming year, where did the time go?!?).

Two opportunities that were just too good to pass up really fell into my lap. I jokingly made a post on Facebook about needing a gig to fund my summer travel and my friend Marianne immediately texted about an Executive Director position in a non profit that she is Vice President of. It really sounds perfect for me and I've already gotten to do a tiny bit of work on it.

The other I can't say a whole lot about. I'll be doing various...things. I know the huge list of possibilities that I could be asked to do, but I have a training call tomorrow to talk about specifics and what I will be starting off on. 

It's all just about 10 hours a week (15 would be a busy week) and I'm extremely excited about conference and Skype calls. Wearing a business shirt and makeup with my PJs. I started setting up my office this week. Mainly moving our desktop up here and buying some pretty office supplies. Because that's what it's all about, right?

It sounds a little overwhelming on paper, but I am the type of person who, the more I have on my plate, the more focused I am on everything going on in my life. I've felt so incredibly lazy since the holidays ended. Until then I was busy with Sugar Plum Market, decorating, shopping and all of the holiday stresses. Now I feel a little aimless. 

I know that having a packed schedule will have me up and out of bed early to focus on work and blogging. Meetings and errands the two mornings Georgia is at school. My time with Georgia will be dedicated and full rather than the somewhat distracted playmate I felt I've been lately. All in all, this is going to be a great change.

I can't wait to share all of the upcoming craziness with you all!