Talk Nauti To Me

Sunny Scarf $10 / Necklace $13 / Bikini Bag $12 / Charm Necklace $15 
Tank $25 / Necklace $13 / Notebook $13 / Hair Ties $5 /
Desk Box $22 / Rope Scarf $10 / Necklace $13 / Hat $20
Hair Ties $5 / Wine Glass $9 / Suede Headband $8 / Orange Top $35

We've already established that I love everything nautical. Give me stripes, blue, rope, coral and anchors with a touch of gold and I'm in heaven.

I popped in Charming Charlie yesterday and hit the jackpot for my spring and summer accessories. I bought the charm necklace because there was only one left, and I'm heading back to make a real haul when my monthly coupon comes in the mail. You can't beat the price of those hair ties unless you make them yourself.

They had so many cute nautical napkins and paper supplies....I might just have to host a little get-together to welcome the warmer weather!

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