Natural At Home Fruit Enzyme Cleansing Facial

I've only had a few spa facials. They tend to leave my skin feeling oily and pores clogged with rich moisturizers. They're a nice treat though, even if expensive, and probably really good for my skin.

I recently read Complexion Perfection by Kate Somerville. She's the celeb facialist who eventually designed a skincare line that includes the famous ExfoliKate, which I've never used. The book was very informative as far as which ingredients we should be looking for in skincare products and different treatments for each individual skin type. She only promoted her products in passing and gave lots of tips for price conscious shoppers and recipes for a few at home skin treatments.

I decided to experiment with a natural fruit enzyme cleansing facial. The enzymes in fruit naturally exfoliate skin by breaking down the outer layer of dead skin, just like microdermabrasion and exfoliating skin creams - they're just not as harsh and they tend to minimize inflammation that sometimes happens with those types of exfoliation.

This facial took maybe about twenty minutes, including gathering the supplies from my kitchen. Afterward, my skin felt tighter and incredibly soft, but I didn't really see the results until the next morning (I did the facial in the late afternoon). My skin looked clean and glowing, and felt very moisturized without feeling clogged or greasy.

Here's what you'll need and do for your own natural fruit facial:
  1. Smash four or five grapes and use the juice, pulp and skin to wash your face. Really scrub so the juice gets into your pores. You can also use mango, papaya or pineapple for this cleansing step.
  2. Spread a thick layer of plain Greek yogurt on your face and wait for it to dry and firm a bit. Yogurt contains lactic acid, which is a natural alpha-hydroxy that includes anti-aging benefits. It's best to use plain flavored organic...but non-organic honey yogurt was all we had in the fridge. I figured if I'm putting the stuff into my body I may as well use it on my skin.
  3. Next, separate an egg and beat the white lightly. Spread this on your face and let it dry completely. Eggs gross me out and I thought about skipping this step, but the nutrients in them really outweigh the ickiness. They preserve moisture in your skin and eliminate free radicals (a big factor in ageing). They can supposedly actually slow down the wrinkling process in your skin. 
  4. As it dries, the egg white will make your skin feel pretty tight. I used a barely damp washcloth to scrub it off - another step that helps exfoliate - then rinsed with cold water. No soap. If you have sensitive skin, you may want rinse off instead of exfoliating again.
  5. Follow with your favorite products. I suggest hyaluronic acid to lock moisture in the skin, vitamin C serum or gel for skin protection and a natural oil such as argan, olive or organic coconut oil to moisturize.
I'm going to try some more facials - and you can see them in process if you're following me on Instagram!

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