March Goals

Ahhh - where in the world did February go? We were on the go so much and it flew right by.

I feel like I accomplished a lot, but not much of it was on my list of February goals. Here's a recap of February:

  • Home I somewhat kept up with chores. The house was in tip top shape when we left for Disney. The week we got back, I was room mom for the Valentine's Day party and spent my free time on that and LAUNDRY catch up. Then it was off to Costa Rica. When David's parents got here to stay with Georgia the house was clean. So this can count...right?
  • Clutter I've been getting rid of things, just working on one small area at a time. Several cabinets and drawers have been cleaned out, and all of Georgia's clothes that are too small are now in boxes. I didn't really keep up with tagging the clothes for consignment though.
  • Blogging I think I did pretty well with this. I'm not great at pre-writing and scheduling posts when I travel, but I did pick up my involvement in social media this month.
  • Finances I kept up with our budget this month! We had a couple of unplanned expenses (vet), but I was much better about spending without thinking. I did root touch ups at home and avoided a $300 visit to the salon.
  • Exercise Nope, nope, and nope. I don't even want to talk about this one! A lot of walking in Disney, but nothing intentional. I paid for it when I had to wear a swimsuit in Costa Rica.
  • Eating Finally! A win! I didn't have any Cokes or sweet tea except while on vacation! I did a lot better on eating out, too. Most of the times I ate on the run were planned rather than necessary.
  • Bible I don't know that I fit in three devotions a week, every week, but I have found it easier and easier to want to get up and study my Bible. I also finished my prayer box.
  • Marriage We had a date week in Costa Rica. A lot of communication and relaxing together, which was just what we needed.
  • Social We had playdates outside of the house and several more planned, but the weather didn't allow for it. One thing I loved was getting together with some girlfriends from Sunday School. We really clicked and have plans to make it a regular thing.
  • Writing I didn't do any more articles. The PR contact left the project and I never got in touch with her replacement.
So...I've reassessed everything, and I don't think making specific goals, even though they are small, is working very well for me. I've decided to try just focusing on the areas during the month and tracking my progress rather than being disappointed when I don't meet each specific goal. I think focusing on what I do get done will make me a much happier person than focusing on a goal that may need to change anyway.

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