A Choose Your Own Adventure Outing

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You've heard of neighborhood pub crawls, right? Well, how about taking your kiddo on a (much kid-friendlier) crawl of their own?

Friday night when David asked Georgia what she wanted to do the next day, of course she said "Get ice cream!" We live within biking distance (walking if you're brave) from both an Old McDonald's (her name for McDonald's) and Dairy Queen. And of course she couldn't decide which she wanted.

It might have been me who yelled "Ice Cream Crawl!" even thought I knew I couldn't go. (I had already committed to a barre class and lunch with my friend Veronika.) The next morning before I left, David had drawn a map and Georgia was already plotting their course. I'm so happy David took pictures so I could follow along their route.

Here she is, ready to ride!

First stop: McDonald's. She had to show some other kids how to get to the cave.

Now it's off to the park to burn off some calories, have a snack, and let her babies get some sun.

To Dairy Queen for a Heath Blizzard - my personal fave - and a re-route.


Bahama Bucks just opened last week and I haven't been. It was apparently a really big deal that one opened, so it must be good.


They stopped on the way home to fly a kite. I just love this picture!

And this was about 7:30. She was OUT for the rest of the night....even though her calories for the day consisted 100% of sugar and milk.

I'm trying to think of my own crawl for next weekend. Maybe nachos or queso?

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