Valentine Gift Ideas - For Yourself

I just discovered the day before Thanksgiving. I remember because we were at my aunt's house, I was supposed to be sleeping on the couch but couldn't fall asleep, and I ran my iPad battery to death browsing Jane and buying a few things.

I pop on every couple of days and see what's new. I always find something I need. I was searching for Valentine's Day teacher gifts and ended up finding some things that I didn't get for the teachers...

These are fun little Candy Heart earrings, not something I would wear every day, but so cute for Valentine's Day. They're really inexpensive so you should pick up a pair for your best girlfriend while you're at it.

I have an addiction to sweat free tumblers. I think I have seven or eight and all except one are personalized with my name or monogram. These are a steal at only $9.99. I don't like the design of the one above, but it's the only photo showing the whole cup. They have a lot of much cuter designs to choose from.

I thought this was a really fun heart sweater. I'm in charge of Georgia's preschool classroom party and this would allow me to be festive but comfy because we're always on the floor playing games and getting messy with crafts at the parties.

I really like this style of outfit for Georgia. I typically buy from a Facebook boutique, but these are a bit cheaper. She already has four Valentine outfits (one for each day of school in February leading up to the party), so I bought this in a larger size for next Christmas.

Seersucker monogrammed PJs? These are totally for me! 

I love supporting small businesses and Jane has so many in one spot. There are lots of artisan products as well as unique production items. Some of the other things I have my eye on are engraved monogrammed stud earrings, address stamps and some cheap throw pillow covers. You really can't beat $13 for a cute pillow cover! So Jane is kind of like etsy, but so much better for me because items are already curated and I don't have to search and find items I like - they are all in one spot.

Here are a few things I've bought and used. I have been incredibly happy with the quality of all of them.

If you know me, then you know my addiction to Coca-Cola. Santa found this on Thanksgiving and treated me to it.

I bought some fleece lined leggings for $6.99. Seven dollars, y'all! I was prepared for them to fall apart after a couple of weeks and was fine with that, but these have held up to weekly (or more often) wearings and still look & feel great. I got black and they haven't faded in the wash at all. They are also high-waisted which I love because it makes my tummy look slimmer.

These glitter emergency pills were too cute to pass up. I bought one bottle for a friend going through a really rough time and another for a friend who just loves glitter.

Have you shopped on Jane? Any fun finds?

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